Student Research Projects

What Millennials Look for in a Museum

Student Alisa Crider, Matt Ryan, Leah Hammond, Yvonne Poirier, Sebastien Austin, Jennifer Camacho
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Communication
Course COMM 324: Mass Communication Research Methods


Museum Millennial Researchers, a group of students enrolled in Communications 324, Mass Communication Research Methods, have conducted a research study for The Old Coast Guard Station museum on what the millennial aged generation would like to see in museums. The participants for their study are randomly selected VWC students between the ages of 18-24 who have been to a museum in the past three years. This study will aid in the understanding of what type of exhibits, displays, and overall environment the millennial aged student prefers. Besides fostering the desires set forth by the group’s client at the OCGS museum, the study’s results can aid other museum directors’ concerns of attracting the millennial-aged audience.