Student Research Projects

Establishing methodology and determining baseline Carbon Footprint for STIHL Inc.

Student John Maravich
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Earth and Environmental Sciences


As part of its policy of socially responsible environmental stewardship, STIHL Inc., a manufacturer of handheld outdoor power equipment, wished to establish a baseline carbon footprint from which it could establish goals and objectives for reducing the environmental impact of its manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach, VA. For this project it was necessary to develop an actual methodology as a literature review revealed that there was no set standard as different government agencies and ministries all defined a carbon footprint differently. The project created a methodology for STIHL using an amalgamation of different parts of various protocols and definitions though based fundamentally on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The resulting report focuses on scope 1 emissions, direct emissions generated on site, and scope 2 emissions, resulting from the direct operations of the company but which happen off site such as electricity generation. This study established the carbon footprint based on these emissions and provided recommendations for future study.


Stihl 2009 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship