Student Research Projects

Methods of Logic

Student Lauren Perry
Ksera Dyette
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Philosophy


We will be analyzing and restructuring the textbook developed for students taking Methods of Logic (PHIL 209). Our goal is to create more of a connection between the logic concepts and ideas in the texts and their real-world applicability. We will be retrieving new arguments from various sources, analyzing and maybe adding them, and changing or removing older examples in the text. We will continue the work done by Mark Jones and Gabrielle Alexander last summer, moving from Chapter 3 on. We want to redesign the book so that it not only teaches Logic in a formulaic way to the students but also helps them see the connection between the material and their world so that they may begin to apply reason and logic in their patterns of thought. We will work on the text with a focus on clarity, pacing, and comprehensiveness so as to ensure that students will get the most out of this text and the course overall.