Student Research Projects

Ethics in the World of Art

Student Shirley Lynette Lancaster
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Art


My research is directed towards how the world of visual arts is effected by ethics and cultural background. When a gallery owner or manager is finding artists to show work in their gallery they have to determine what kind of demographic they are most likely to rreach with that display. This will greatly effect what type of artists they allow to show work in their gallery. If the artist has a tendency to make work that has a very bold statement and will shake people up and make them and think, then the owner must have a demographic that will not easily be offended and is open minded. If the people that come to that gallery are very closed minded and set in their ways that effects the type of art that can displayed. The owner also has to be aware of what things are socially taboo and offensive in other cultures. This knowledge will greatly effect how well that person continues to succeed.