Student Research Projects

Condie’s World

Student Alisa W. Crider
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Communication


My assignment for my Senior Integrative course was to write a book on Canadian animator Richard Condie. When browsing Condie’s alma mater’s website, The University of Manitoba (U of M), I discovered that in 2005 he donated drawings, animation cells, backgrounds, layouts, dope sheets, award notifications, exhibition programs, digitalized photographs, as well as publication and periodical information related to a number of his films. The U of M and VWC sent me to the archives for a weekend where I spent countless hours meticulously searching through the copious notes, files, animation cels, and much more. The reference book I authored describes Condie’s reclusive personality and his outlandish works of animation. His most famous and critiqued film, The Big Snit (1985) won him 16 international awards, a Genie Award in Canada, and a nomination for an Oscar in the United States. Despite his popularity, he shuns his fame in the media. Instead, he prefers a life of solitude, leaving his loyal fans with little evidence of his personal life. Since 1974, Condie has completed many works of animation. He has also been responsible for music scores, singing, and directing and producing his own films at the National Film Board.