Student Research Projects

John Wesley’s Use of Electrotherapy

Student Adam Tobey
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Religious Studies
Course REL 305


John Wesley’s fame rests on his reputation as one of the greatest preachers of the 18th century. However, there is a side of Mr. John Wesley that is not so well known. He was a medical physician, or as some may say, a quack. He opened up multiple medicine dispensaries to the poor, and began experimenting with many natural cures as well as healing through electric shock. He wrote multiple books on his use of “natural medicine” and was a fairly successful physician. He used this natural healing and electrotherapy as a ministry tool to tell people of the spiritual healing that was available through Jesus Christ. Though some think him nothing more than a quack as far as his medical aspirations are concerned, he used these ideas as a catalyst to be able to tell more people about the Good News of Jesus.