Student Research Projects

Mary Blair

Student Taja Glover
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Communication


Blair has not received much of the recognition she deserves and tends to be lost as just another imaginer, and not as a serious artist having her paintings displayed in the Dallas Museum of Fine Art and in Tome Price Galleries where, she is praised for her dramatic use of watercolors.

Upon the completion of my research I hope to have an analysis of Mary Blair as a woman, artist, and imaginer. Her creativity and skill has shaped an art that resonates with audiences today. Bob Staake in his blog on Mary Blair said, “Blair’s lush, minimalist and lyrical gouache-based work echoed the simpler times in which the art was created (late 1940s to the mid 1970s), yet her design reverberates today for those appreciative of the simplicity and innocence she communicated through color, shape and form.”