Student Research Projects

Communication: How managers communicate and the effects they have.

Student Vincent Warren
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Management, Business and Economics
Course MBE 301: Principles of Management


In an ever-changing world filled with growing technologies, does managerial communication prosper or suffer? The topic of communication is relevant because people will always need to convey ideas to each other. However, the problem that arises with communication is that different people have different views about it. Some have the view that communication needs to be personal such as face to face or hand written letters, while others believe that communication needs to be fast and efficient such as email, an instant message, or any computer based form of communication. Whatever the case may be one will find that in management communication is a must. How can the way managers communicate affect their firm’s business? This review on how managers communicate will focus on different types of communication (such as face to face and computer based) and how they affect a manager’s firm or business.