Student Research Projects

What role does ethnicity play in managerial styles?

Student Angie M. Bortoluzzi
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Management, Business and Economics


Organizations are more diverse now than ever before. Having diversity within the workplace is helping organizations to be more productive as well as more involved work groups and tasks. Immigrating from all over the globe, immigrants come to the United States for work opportunities and a chance to make a living for themselves. The different Ethnicities of managers and employees in organizations today are very diverse and their cultural values are a factor in work ethic.

Managerial styles are influenced by ethnicity positively and negatively. Focusing on how ethnicity plays a role in managerial styles negatively, managers as well as employees can effectively overcome the ethnic restraints. By recognizing the problems between managers of different ethnicities and the way they manage their employees, organizations can decide how to solve the problems. Discrimination can be a very serious legal issue in organizations and avoiding or coming up with a solution for everyone can aid organizations in a positive way toward maintaining a healthy and satisfying work environment.