Student Research Projects

Hispanics in Virginia

Student Kristina Riley
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Foreign Languages and Literature
Course SPAN 443: Senior Seminar


Many hispanics come to the United States to have a better life. Some hispanics come here to find a good paying job, make a career for themselves, leave a communist government, escape from a war or dictadorship, or for some other similar reasons. According to the 2000 census, there were 17,770 hispanics in Virginia Beach, Virginia and 5,316 hispanics in Manassas, Virginia. Although there are more hispanics in Virginia Beach, they only made up 4.2% of the Virginia Beach population. In Manassas, Virginia the 5,316 hispanics made up 15.13% of the total population in Manassas.

As we see, there are many hispanics in these two cities in Virginia. Manassas and Virginia Beach have many restaurants, stores, schools, medical services, lawyers, etc. that help the hispanics living in their area. There are organizations that are also reaching out to help the hispanics such as, churches, the Hispanic Committee of Virginia, and the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.