Student Research Projects

A Brief Study on the Importance of Communication in a Managerial Setting

Student David Dunn
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Management, Business and Economics
Course MBE 301: Principles of Management


With the need for managers to recognize the importance of communication in their daily activities, I propose to show how managers view communication and its importance in day-to-day jobs. Many different managers at various levels will have different forms of communication that is required. The lower level managers will require more of task communication than they will require of concept communication. Therefore I will interview various managers at many different levels of management.
This interviewing process will people understand how important communication is to work efficiency and moral development in a work place. The communication between individuals and departments is the independent variable. How much does communication impact the work force? The dependent variable is the level of efficiency and moral development that ensues from the levels of communication. A side concept to perceive is the individual’s personal feelings on various forms of communication. Do they see differences in understanding through various different channels through which their messages are sent through? Do they think that email communication allows for more room for interpretation than does a telephone call? Another aspect is what the managers see as good forms of communication. Do they see upward communication as worse for the company, and that the best way to maximize efficiency is through detailed explanation to employees of their job requirements? I believe that the level of communication directly affects the efficiency and moral climate of the workplace. Managers will also see communication as vital to their workplace. The interviewees will have multiple different ideas of what is perceived as ideal communication.