Student Research Projects

Meet Your Meat

Student Kevin Finder
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Biology
Course BIO 485


Over the past few decades we have been in an ongoing, but almost unknown battle to determine how our food is produced and packaged. The movie, “Food, Inc.” directed by Robert Kenner, was a very important step in relaying to the public the food process. It is my objective in this presentation that I go deeper in investigating the truths behind Robert Kenner’s documentary. Our meat packing industries are controlled by four major companies. What we know about these companies and how they produce our food is a mystery. There have been multiple studies done outside of these companies that have proven that the mass production of our meats is neither healthy nor safe. There are many harmful toxins injected in to our cattle either manually or through the feed that we are giving to the cattle. The hormones we inject in cows, feed that we give them, and the dung that they produce can tell scientists a lot about the trends of diseases that we continue to see in the American population after eating contaminated meat. If we can control this process by going organic we will for sure a healthier society free of diseases caused by tainted meats. Although it is a more expensive solution to gaining a healthier population, it is needed. When we check out at the grocery store we are actually voting; voting whether we prefer organic food versus food from the monopolizing industries. What we need to do is understand the implications of which we are voting and what we can have as a society if we just put some thought in to what we are consuming.