Student Research Projects

West Nile Virus

Student Mary Smith
Department Biology
Course BIO 485


The focus of this presentation is on West Nile virus and Equine West Nile Encephalitis. Research was done on each type to provide as much information as possible about each aspect of the viruses. The first focus is on the background of West Nile virus in humans and the dates of some of the largest and most important outbreaks in the United States as well as in other countries. Symptoms are provided for humans in this section. Next the focus shifts to Equine West Nile Encephalitis. The main purpose of this section is to inform on the symptoms of the disease, how they determine if that is the illness affecting the horse, methods and testing used to diagnose, transmission of the disease, and signs that a horse may be infected. The last section focuses on giving vital information on prevention and control of the disease by providing the audience with a list of things to do to help prevent the problem where they are.