Student Research Projects

HIV/AIDS Knowledge Among VWC Freshman Students

Student Jessica Gonzalez
Richard Robertson
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Sociology


Extending prior research on the body of HIV/AIDS knowledge among the VWC student body, the goal of this study was to gather the first wave of data in a potential longitudinal study on VWC student knowledge about HIV/AIDS specifically targeting incoming freshmen. Surveys containing knowledge questions on HIV/AIDS were administered to freshman students. Analysis of these data allowed an in-depth evaluation of what first-semester college freshmen know, do not know, and want to know about HIV/AIDS. The survey results have formed the basis of a campus presentation by professional educators from The AIDS Fund (Tidewater Aids Community Taskforce), which was specifically designed to address these findings.


Undergraduate Research Travel Award


National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Mar 31-April 2, Ithaca, NY