Student Research Projects

The Value of Sleep in our VWC Community

Student Andrew Kasecamp
Arielle Morris
Timothy Blackmon
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Criminal Justice
Course Social Research


Many students have unusual sleeping habits. While some stay up late, others don’t sleep at all. Research has shown that sleep is important in our daily function. This study attempted to find any relation between the hours of sleep a student gets each night and that students’ academic performance. Further, this study also examined the relationship between hours of sleep and student health. 52 students, 26 men and 26 women, were selected via the convenience sampling. Those who were asked to complete a questionnaire that targeted the participants sleeping habits, G.P.A., and both mental and physical health. Descriptive statistics revealed that participants felt sleep was a factor in completing homework, attending classes, and the amount of time spent studying. They also found that the majority of students felt low amounts of sleep generated negative stress and feelings of anxiety throughout their day. However, bivariate test revealed no significant relationship between a student’s average hours slept per night and their G.P.A; sleep also has little impact on a student’s physical health. Yet students who receive adequate amounts of sleep reported feeling more rested and mentally prepared to handle the daily tasks of the next day. Further researchers should focus attention on pinpointing the participant’s sleeping habits, maybe through a longitudinal sleep study, and also focus on other factors that can influence sleep habits, which might better explain this relationship. This study can assist in better understanding college students’ daily sleeping habits as well as leading the way to educating students of potential consequences of sleep deprivation.