Student Research Projects

Male Rape: Undeniably Underreported- A Historical Case Analysis of Patriarchy’s Influence on the Male Ideal

Student Ksera T. Dyette
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Criminal Justice
Course CJ 460


Currently, people think of male rape as a phenomenon of sorts; an abnormality within imagination that only occurs outside realistic boundaries. However, male rape is much more than that and it is time that people begin to understand it as such. Yet, in order to understand male rape, an overview of female rape as well as some definitions and terminology used to discuss female rape is important to begin understanding how rape is defined within the law. Through historical research and case analysis of instances of male rape, the paper seeks to explain the underreported nature of male rape as something rooted in patriarchal ideals which have had heavy social and psychological consequences on male victims and society at large.