Student Research Projects

Motivation of Participants in VWC’s “Cooking for Kids” Program

Student Kelly Fauth,
Ed Fisher,
Michelle Neal
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Sociology
Course SOC 350: Introduction to Social Research


Hunger is a growing problem in the United States with low income families with children experiencing a huge shortage of food. Virginia Wesleyan College hosts a volunteer program called “Cooking for Kids” which offers students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to assist in feeding children in the Hampton Roads area by pre-packaging meals. Data was gathered through the distribution of a survey to each “Cooking for Kids” participant before their experience in the program. The results show that most student volunteers participated in the program as part of a club or organizational requirement, and that significantly more females participated in the program than males. This research will provide the Office of Community Service with data which will aid in the development of an advertising campaign that will draw a larger number of volunteers—leading to an increase in “Cooking for Kids” opportunities at Virginia Wesleyan College.