Student Research Projects

A Time Line of Abuse

Student Amy Robinson
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Criminal Justice
Course SOC/CJ 418: Family Violence: Causes, Consequences & Responses


This project is a video montage which incorporates music, pictures and words to show that family violence can happen to anyone and that it is not a onetime occurrence. Once violence occurs in a relationship there is a much greater chance that this violence will occur again. Re-victimization rates are incredibly high. This video depicts growing up as a new born child and living with violence throughout their entire life. Violence comes in many forms; physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, and in many cases for young children, neglect is a form of violence and maltreatment. This video can also represent the idea that no one is immune to violence, be it a new born baby or a 90 year old woman, and anyone in between. Everyone can be a victim of violence, which is why I ask the question, why isn’t more being done to prevent this violence from occurring?
Learning and understanding the harm violence can cause to anyone is the main reason I choose to make this video. Violence is not a onetime incident, it is rarely committed by a stranger and it is something that as a community can be stopped. People just have to care enough to speak out about it. I hope my video opens the eyes of individuals and I hope people start caring more about this topic.