Student Research Projects

Children of Greed

Student Edward Fisher
Victoria Pretlow
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Sociology
Course SOC 308: Visual Sociology


“Children of Greed” captures the stark reality of an Earth experiencing global warming, the loss of ecosystems, and the extinction of animal species, even humankind. This original student film production asks what kind of world do we want for ourselves and for future generations. As Mahatma Ghandi said,” Each of us must be the change we want in the world.”
The film is based upon the interpretation and application of concepts presented in Dr. Tom Lopez’ Visual Sociology class. In particular those used in this project are: interpellation; the production of meaning, semiotics, the Auteur Theory, and the concept of mise-en-scene. Encoding and decoding by spectators was also considered. the application of all of these concepts is what you will see on the screen.