Student Research Projects

Media Portrayals of Women on a Social Network

Student Shannon Knight
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Criminal Justice
Course Independent Study


As there are many studies that have been done on the objectification of women within society and in the media, there have not been many studies done on this topic within social networks. There are millions of people who have some type of social network page, so it is important to study in order to understand this tech savvy generation. Just recently, social networks have become a big aspect in some people’s lives and the number of social networks and the amount of people who have a social network page are continuously increasing. This study will research how women are portrayed on the social network site of FaceBook. Content analysis will be performed of female portrayals in media. My hypothesis is to find women being portrayed as either “good girls” or “bad girls,” as studies have been done to show how society categorizes women on these ends of the spectrum; this is the Madonna whore duality. If females are placed on these extremes, it may be harmful since it allows for females to be judged and put into groups rather than seeing them for who they actually are.