Student Research Projects

"I'll Be There For You": An Examination of an Audience's Friendship with Friends

Student Rio Ziegler
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Communication
Course Comm 411


For a total of ten years, Friends fans raved about a show that became a pop culture icon of 90's television. What was it about Friends that allowed for this show to have such an impact within our culture? My research focuses on the different types of friendships portrayed by the characters of Friends, and how that portrayal provided the fans of Friends something they could relate to. From male friendship to cross-sex friendship to group friendship, friends has something to offer for every group of friends. The various plot lines of the show also create a sense of relate ability. The show ideas are crafted on the basis of real life experiences that people go through on a day to day basis such as: getting married, starting a new career, having a child, or even just hanging out on a Friday night with the friends they love the most. The show was even inspired by the real-life friendships of the cast and creators. All in all, this research project explores how the television show, Friends, is a show about friends, created by friends, and watched by friends!