Student Research Projects

United States Involvement in International Domestic Affairs: Positive and Negative Outcomes of United States Foreign Intervention

Student Marisa Postma
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Political Science
Course Guided Study


After WWII the United States became one of the super powers along with then the Soviet Union. Since then and the fall of the Iron Curtain and the end of the Cold War the United States emerged as the World Super Power, the one nation everyone went to when they need help. Looking back over the years the United States became involved in many international domestic affairs, some where it ended well for not only the nation that seeked the help but also for the United States. However, there are times when the United States became involved even without being asked too and then in the end it ended badly for the United States. This is an look out how the United States became involved in Iran’s domestic affairs, not only once but twice within 25 years.