Student Research Projects

A GUI Project on Baseball Scorebook and Outcome

Student Kevin Jeff '14
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Computer Science
Course CS 489: Research in Computer Science


This project is based on the idea of Bill James who is considered the founder of baseball sabermetrics and the “godfather” of appreciating the statistical as well as mathematical value of baseball players. The project serves several purposes, first being that it can be used as a scorekeeping device to keep track of the game. It can also be used to track statistics of every player from the home team to see how well they are doing. But most importantly the software program takes Bill James’ formula for Runs Created and incorporates it with the updated statistics of each player being able to output the chance of creating a run in each single situation. This target audience for a project like this one reaches out to many people, and it can be for the average fan that likes to keep track of their home team as well as each player. It can also be used by the team to record the statistics and keep track of how they are performing in certain situations. As well this software program can be an invaluable tool to a coach who wants to see the mathematical odds of that player creating a run in that situation, possibly altering his ideas on whether to bunt, steal, or swing away.