Student Research Projects

Application of Procedural Generation as a Training Tool

Student James Duffy '14
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Computer Science
Course CS 489: Research in Computer Science


Procedural Generation is an algorithmic process that enables the creation of a variety of content without the need to create assets specific for each case. The purpose of this project is to explore a practical application procedural generation through the use of a basic technique of this process, a pseudo random number generator (PRNG), to create a simple medical training simulation. The simulation is able to create a variety of cases with unique details (such as ages and names), and has the potential to be scaled up to accommodate additional information or assets as needed. Resulting cases so far disassociate background information from the actual symptoms generated for a case, but with the implementation of an input system for a user's answers it serves as a functioning programming example of the procedural generation process.