Student Research Projects

Can Retail go Mobile?

Student Wes Davis '14
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Computer Science
Course CS 489: Research in Computer Science


The world of retail businesses has recently been faced with the challenge of becoming mobile in order to stay relevant in the business world. This research was done to assess how the use of online databases and web-based management systems would perform in comparison to the traditional software-based systems. In doing so, a point of sales system was made by creating multiple databases in MYSQL and linking them with HTML and PHP coding. Also, the use of batch and shell files were included to make the system accessible to mobile devices. The results were conclusive that on a smaller scale, online databases and programming can be used efficiently both in the store and out in the field, but on the larger scale more provisions need to be made to accommodate the amount of traffic received. In conclusion, small businesses can take advantage of online databases and management systems to become more mobile.