Student Research Projects

Participating: The Relationship between Citizenship and Civic Engagement.

Student Hannah Blanco '16
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Political Science
Course POLS 265: Research Methods


This research project sought to answer the question: Is there a relationship between how people identify their citizenship and how they involve themselves in their communities? The project looks at data from the Fourth Wave of the World Values Survey, administered and compiled in 2008. This research looks at the relationship between individual identification as a local, national or global citizen, and civic engagement, measured through self-reported volunteering, political participation, and membership in a religious organization. The results of the World Values Survey data revealed a strong positive correlation between individually identified citizenship and participation in civic engagement. Those members of the population that feel strongly about citizenship tend to also work to the betterment of their community. Implying that increased concern over international and global affairs does not mean the end of the Nation-State. The suggestion within this study is that globalization has not hurt the population's feelings of citizenship toward their nation.


VWC Undergraduate Research Conference Grant, 2014


Southern Regional Honors Council Conference, March 2014