Student Research Projects

Dog Search

Student Kristina Karagiorgis ‘15 (Computer Science)
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Computer Science
Course Computer Science 489: Research in Computer Science


Dog Search is a traditional website that stores information about 50 dog breeds in a MySQL database. Dog Search was created to help potential dog owners to find a suitable companion that fits their lifestyle. The website’s interface has a variety of options from which the user can choose . The ‘search’ tab allows users to select criteria to help dictate the result for a suitable companion. A list of dog breeds is generated from the characteristics of size, care, hypoallergenic, and dog breed group. The user then can navigate to an array of individual breed webpages that were determined for them. The user can then navigate to the ‘locate’ tab where he or she can see if there are any dogs in local shelters that match their criteria. Local shelters can register with Dog Search to insert into or update a database with their available dogs. Under the ‘missing’ tab, the user can submit a missing dog form to Dog Search’s database to then be displayed on the webpage. The data displayed on Dog Search was gathered through various webpages and then stored and organized in MySQL. Dog Search’s interface was created with PHP and HTML. To further this research project, a more in depth analysis of characteristics and a complete list of dog breeds could be collected to complete Dog Search’s database.