Student Research Projects


Student Tim Pepper ‘15 (Computer Science)
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Computer Science
Course Computer Science 489: Research in Computer Science


uBudget is a simplified budget application for users just getting into money management. This app allows users to set up a "shoe box" with a set amount of funds and separate those funds into separated "envelopes" where they can manage and track their funds. Each envelope consists of a name, a percentage, and a value. These envelopes are individually stored in a database behind a secure login so that users can update their shoeboxes and then return later time to edit or update their profiles. Envelopes represent the different areas to which users would like to allocate their funds. As money is added or subtracted from the total funds within the shoebox, the individual envelopes are automatically updated to match the remaining funds within the shoebox. The envelopes can also be edited individually, allowing a user to change the name, percentages, and values within the envelope or even transfer funds from one envelope to another. The purpose of this project is to allow people, especially those who are just getting into money management, to automatically allocate their money into different areas of interest, while giving them the freedom to manually edit and reallocate their funds as needed. This application will not track these funds via a bank, so it is users’ responsibility to keep track of their funds and ensure that they are not spending more than they have allocated for a certain area. This will enable users to learn the importance of saving money and how to manage their own funds.