Student Research Projects

Comparative Analysis of the DDC Method of the LaMotte Field Test Kit to the Colorimetric Determination of Copper with DDC to Flame Atomic Absorption  

Student Britton Hipple '16 (Biology and Chemistry)
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Chemistry
Course Chemistry 210: Analytical Chemistry


The original thesis was that the colorimetric determination of copper with diethyldithiocarbamate, modified to eliminate zinc and lead interference with .25 N ammonium hydroxide, will be able to produce more accurate quantified numbers at a lower concentration than the method used by the LaMotte Field Test. Also, the Flame Atomic Absorption method will produce more accurate and more precise results. Based on the results, the colorimetric determination did not yield the expected results because the concentration was lowered to one third of its original concentration, which lowered the sample concentration below the LOD/LOQ. In comparing the colorimetric method and Flame AA methods, the Flame AA method was more precise, which is seen in the 6ppm check standard runs which yielded data almost exactly at 6ppm. In determining which method, the colorimetric method or the Flame AA, is more accurate, the percent recovery was used and it was determined that because Flame AA had closer percent recoveries to 100% that it was more accurate.