Student Research Projects

Modeling Possible Retrofits to East Hall Using BeOpt

Student Seth Antozzi, '17
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Mathematics
Course EES 320: Energy and the Environment


Located on the Virginia Wesleyan Campus campus in Village Two, East Hall was
built in the 1980s. Older buildings such as East Hall are inherently less energy efficient
compared to new construction. It is possible through retrofitting to save on energy waste.
BeOpt, an open-access computer model, was used to simulate various retrofits. BeOpt provides
both energy savings estimates and cost estimates of various retrofits. This study considered
several retrofits: installing double-panes on windows, adding photovoltaic panels, and replacing
the existing HVAC system with a ground-based heat pump. The expectation, pending final results, is
that installing double panes will provide the most cost-effective energy-saving option.