Student Research Projects

The Relationship between Eating Behaviors, Body Satisfaction, and Masculinity and Femininity

Student Christina Daigle, '16
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Psychology
Course Psychology 480: Originial Research Project


The research study examined the relationship between eating behaviors with body satisfaction and being more masculine or feminine. The 108 participants were students from Virginia Wesleyan College. The research study was conducted as an online survey where participants answered questions to three surveys: Kristal Food Habits Questionnaire (KFHQ), Body Appreciation Scale (BAS), and The BEM Sex Role Inventory (BSRI). The results showed many of the hypotheses were not supported. The study did show that there was a positive correlation between masculinity and body satisfaction. Men were also more likely to be masculine and women were more likely to be feminine. The implications from this research shows that there might be a difference among masculinity and femininity and that gender could be a deciding factor in who might be more masculine or feminine.