Student Research Projects

The Keys to Social Entrepreneurial Success

Student Allesha Peterson, '16
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Management, Business and Economics
Course MBE 490: Independent Study


Social entrepreneurship is the attempt to use business skills to find solutions for social problems. The study of social entrepreneurship is important because it allows business men and women to become successful by implementing widespread improvements into society. This research examines the following characteristics from various social entrepreneurs of different years the Forbes and Investopedia articles were published: the personal life of the social entrepreneurs, their organizations purpose, and how those who are affected by the social problem at hand are benefited. I anticipated that social entrepreneurs measured success by the amount of money and personal gain achieved for themselves or their organization. In researching, it was evident that success was not measured by the amount of money generated nor the personal gain achieved from solving the social issues, but rather they measured their success by the lessening or eradication of the social problem at hand. The following Literature Review defines and gives an overview of the field of social entrepreneurship, along with today\'s key social issues while examining how a social entrepreneur\'s personal life, their organizations purpose, and their resource allocation can be held in common with other social entrepreneurs who share the same goal of eradicating social problems.


Virginia Wesleyan Undergraduate Research Conference Grant, 2016.


The Society for Advancement of Management (SAM): 2016 International Conference


Regional Student Achievement, SAM International Conference