Student Research Projects

Expectations of Womens Bodies

Student Brianna Carter, '17
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Psychology
Course PSY 480: Original Research Project


This study involves photoshopped and un-photoshopped pictures that women compare themselves to and then measure the body dissatisfaction of young adult women before and after the exposer to the photos. The sample will be gathered from undergraduate women attending Virginia Wesleyan College. An ANOVA will be used to analyze this 2x2 experimental design between photoshopped and un-photoshopped photos, body satisfaction, and BMI. This study uses measure of BMI, State-Self Esteem-Appearance Subscale (SSES), and the Subscales of Media and Technology Usage and Attitudes Scales (MTUAS). This study found that women being exposed to media does have an effect on women\'s body satisfaction. There was no effect for body satisfaction between women who were exposed to either the photoshopped or un-photoshopped pictures. Women who are exposed to media that displays majority of women as being thinner could develop an eating disorder; this could be because of the dissatisfaction a woman may have with their body.