Student Research Projects

The Interaction Between Stress, Exercise Duration, and the Reasons for Exercising

Student William Virgili, '17
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Psychology
Course PSY 480: Original Research Project


The current study investigated the relationship between exercise duration, the reason an individual exercises, and their perceived stress. The sample consisted of 68 psychology students from VWC who responded to the online questionnaire. Participants completed a questionnaire that measured perceived stress, exercise duration, and reasons for exercise that was sent out to the psychology department. No hypothesized correlations were statistically significant. However, those who had a greater exercise total had higher mild, moderate, and strenuous exercise totals, those who exercised for enjoyment had greater exercise duration, and VWC collegiate athletes exercised more than those who were non-athletes. The sample presented with higher than average levels of stress. In the future, an experiment would help for a better determination of the correlation between exercise and stress. A question that would shed light on the exercise habits of athletes would be the exercise duration they participated in outside of their sport.