Student Research Projects

The Effects of Peer Pressure and Academic Workload on Alcohol Consumption

Student Christina Bouie, '17
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Psychology
Course PSY 480: Original Research Project


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between peer pressure, alcohol consumption, and academic stress. Undergraduates at Virginia Wesleyan College participated in a survey on SurveyMonkey. Students reported if they experienced peer pressure in different settings, binge drinking because of stress from college, and if pressure from friends interfered with school work. Correlations were used to look at data taken from questionnaires. The results revealed no significant relationships between alcohol use and peer pressure or alcohol use and stress. The correlation between peer involvement and peer conformity was significant. Previous studies investigated relationships between these measures among adolescents and college students. These studies are important because they can help determine how heavily students are pressured in school and where stress stems from.