Student Research Projects

The interaction between personality differences and color perception

Student Nicolette Burns, '17
Department Psychology
Course PSY 480: Original Research Project


The current study tested to determine if there was a relationship between an individual\\\'s personality type and the way that color helps us perceive objects. The experiment involved rating a word list on levels of their perceived valance and arousal based on what they believed the word\\\'s definition to be. The words were neutrally rated Polish words chosen from a word list database. Given that the participants will not know the word\\\'s true definition; the manipulation should have isolated the effects of the color that the word was written in. Half of the 24 colors had hues at 100% saturation whereas the other half had the same hues at 50% saturation. Participants also completed a questionnaire to measure their levels of extraversion. Participants were 20 undergraduate students from Virginia Wesleyan College. Although it was predicted that higher levels of extraversion would have more positive valence and arousal ratings for warm colors and colors with high saturation, no significant correlations were determined.