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Student Research Projects

The Effects of Objectifying Music Lyrics on College Women

Student Bobbie Graham, '17
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Psychology
Course PSY 480: Originia Research Project


This study investigates how objectifying music lyrics in Rap and Rhythm & Blues (R&B) effect self-objectification, self-esteem, and mood in undergraduate college women. Fifty-four women were recruited from Virginia Wesleyan College. Four groups of women were randomly assigned a Rap or R&B song with objectifying or non-objectifying music lyrics. The women took a set of pre-questionnaires, listened to their assigned song, and then took a set of post-questionnaires. The scales were used to measure self-objectification, self-esteem, and mood. The results revealed that there was a significant group by time interaction on state self-objectification. However, there were no significant differences based on condition. There were no main effect or interaction of self-esteem. Overall, women had less bad emotions and less sadness regardless of what song they listened to.