Student Research Projects

The Relation of Parenting Style and Individual Well-Being As Mediated by Political Beliefs

Student Timothy Webster, '17
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Psychology
Course PSY 480: Originia Research Project


The research conducted focused on the relationships of parenting style, political belief, and subjective well-being. Previous research has demonstrated relationships between these variables, but never together in a single survey. Virginia Wesleyan College students completed an online survey to determine the relationships between established measures of each. The results borne out from this study indicated an increase in transmission of political beliefs from mother to child for the authoritative parenting style. Further, there was an increase in well-being for those who had received an authoritative upbringing and a decrease in well-being for those who had experienced a permissive upbringing, as predicted. This study further supports previous findings on the influence of parenting styles on attitudes and affect. Additionally, this contributes the insight of transmission as perceived by the child him or herself through modification of existing measures.