Student Research Projects

Away with the Hansa: How the Hanseatic League Was Forced Out of England and Why

Student Elizabeth Kayser, '17
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department History
Course HIST 460: Senior Thesis


This project involves discovering the how and why the Hanseatic League established a trading post in England, and how and why they were forced to leave this post. The goal is to show, through trickery and continuous breaking of rules, along with the breaking of trust, that Elizabeth I of England was forced to order the Hanseatic League to leave their post in London permanently. These issued will be explored by examining the formation of the Hansa post called the Steelyard in London, the rules that the League had to follow, and how exactly it was that these rules and regulations were broken. By looking at these actions, it becomes clear that the Hanseatic League was forced out of London because English regulations for its operation were broken, and because high officials in Queen Elizabeth\'s government were bribed. By looking at the rules that were put in place and broken, this research shows how the Hanseatic League\'s presence and trade activity in London was shut down.