Student Research Projects

2008-2009 Projects


Ceramic Research
Student(s): Ryan Billy

Everyday Ink: Photographing Tattoos
Student(s): Hillary Armstrong

Found Object Art
Student(s): Brian La Barr

Natural Exposure
Student(s): Charlyn Dahilig

Painting Flowers
Student(s): Patricia Shockley


Auditory brainstem responses reveal that juvenile loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) hear low frequency sounds
Student(s): Bethany Adomanis

Chemotropism in Neurospora crassa
Student(s): Bryttani Payton

Electrical and Olfactory Perception of the Stingray
Student(s): Mallory Offner

Leaching of Nitrogen from Green Roof Plots
Student(s): Casie Newton

Mercury Bioaccumulation in Freshwater Fishes
Student(s): Amanda Ford

Morphological changes during postembryonic development in two species of Neotropical harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores, Cranaidae)
Student(s): Rana, N. J. '09 and Proud, D. N. '08

Potential Effects of Diet on Gizzard Shad Morphology
Student(s): Ashley Wright

Research in Developmental Biology
Student(s): Suzanne Lazarowitz, Kathleen Mabry, Christina Smith

Role of Semiaquatic Turtles in Lake Nutrient Cycles
Student(s): Katherine Burchett

Sensory Perception and Post-Emergence Behavior of Leatherback Sea Turtle Hatchlings at Petite Tacarib, Trinidad
Student(s): Suzanne Lazarowitz

Simulation Modeling of Florida Lake Dymanics Using EcoPath with EcoSim
Student(s): Amanda Ford

The Relationship Between Leg Anatomy and Arboreal Behavior in Neotropical Harvestmen
Student(s): Hannah Ring

Use of Otoliths to age Gizzard Shad (Dorosoma cepedianum) from 3 Central Florida Lakes
Student(s): Ashley Wright

Water Loss vs. Habitat in Select Lizard Species of Trinidad
Student(s): Nick Raiford


Conjugate Addition of Active Methylene Carbon Nucleophiles to Quinoline Vinylacetylenes and Addition of Ethylene Glycol to Pyrrolo [1,2-a] Quinoxaline
Student(s): Rachel Fancher, Shannon Cassatt

Conversion of Vanillin to 3,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde using Horseradish Peroxidase
Student(s): Shannon Cassatt

The Conversion of Vanillin to Isovanillin: An Industrial By-product to a Pharmaceutical Feedstock
Student(s): Laura Norris


Animation and Culture During the 1950s
Student(s): Melissa Fowler

Millennials' Attitudes Toward Silence and Solitude
Student(s): Elizabeth Lane, Devin Cowhey, Cherrelle Artis, Taja Glover, Dominique Cross

Millennials' Perfect Library
Student(s): Ashley Morgan, Morgan Franklin, America Ballerini, Vickie Matthews, Lisa Francis

The Drum in American Culture
Student(s): Elizabeth Lane

What Millennials Look for in a Museum
Student(s): Alisa Crider, Matt Ryan, Leah Hammond, Yvonne Poirier, Sebastien Austin, Jennifer Camacho

What Millennials Regard as the Bare Necessities
Student(s): Elise Cuff, Kuong Lam, Carl Brevil, Katie Morris

Earth and Environmental Sciences

An Experimental Investigation of Reactive Gaseous Mercury Adsorption to NaCl
Student(s): Scott Tetzner

Biogeochemistry Research
Student(s): Amanda Ford, Jerrilyn Idler, Lan Tran, Bethany Adomanis, Mark Wood, Scott Tetzner, Okechi Hamilton, Telisa Holland

Chemical Amendments as a Means of Controlling Phosphate Levels in the Leachate of Green Roofs
Student(s): John Maravich

Effectiveness of Amendments in Reducing the Release of Nutrients and Mercury from Green Roofs
Student(s): Lan Tran

The Development of a Denuder Manifold Methodology for the Measurement of Reactive Gaseous Mercury
Student(s): Amanda Ford


"To the Advantage of Both": Suitable Matches as the Reward for Austen's "Good" Charcters
Student(s): Kim Fahle

Sexuality, Spirituality and Nature in Leaves of Grass
Student(s): Zella De Forrest

The Imperative to Craft Autobiographical Poetry
Student(s): Sarah Tytler

Foreign Languages and Literature

The Social and Culture Make-up of Youth in the Zillertal, Austria
Student(s): Owen Davis

The Spanish Government's Response to the Basque separatist movement group, ETA
Student(s): Maria Mosteirin


Back Door Dealings: National Security, Hegemony, and the Reagan Administration in Latin America
Student(s): Evin Stovall

Disquieted Ladies and Language: The Influence and Transformation of Disorderly and Acceptable Speech during the 1692 Salem Witch Trials
Student(s): Meagan Jones

Move Them, Work Them or Kill Them: Understanding the Interactions Between Antebellum Americans and the California Indians During the Gold Rush, 1848-1855
Student(s): Kimberly Sttinedurf '07

Natural Canvas: Using the Body as a Sign of the Time
Student(s): Bill Schisel

Our Mother Who Art in Heaven: The Memory of Ann Lee, Mother of the Shakers
Student(s): Koren Robins

The Cult of True Womanhood in the Lowell Mills, 1800-1850
Student(s): Caitlin Donlan

The Decline of Industry and the Rise of the “Lost Cause” Mythology in Postbellum Richmond
Student(s): John Nash Maravich

The Natives
Student(s): Chavon Freeman

The New York City Subway System and the Decline of Crime, 1960-2000: Police Actions and Methods of Control
Student(s): Rachel Topping

White Flight and the Suburbanization of Virginia Beach
Student(s): James Sawyer

Women and Witchcraft: How Feminine Behavior in Seventeenth Century England Led to Accusations of Witchcraft
Student(s): Amanda Thomas

Management, Business and Economics

Training in the Corporate Environment
Student(s): Melveanna Brown


The Combinatorics of Waterfront Partitions
Student(s): David Weirich


"Journey": Senior Vocal Recital
Student(s): Luke Crownover

Senior Composition Recital
Student(s): David Weirich

Senior Organ Recital
Student(s): Geoffrey Bell

Senior Violin Recital
Student(s): Coleman Senecal


Guides to Ancient Greek Endings and Short Verb Stems
Student(s): Ashley Roane

Methods of Logic
Student(s): Mark Jones, Gabrielle Alexander

Political Science

Finding Women's Place: Plato and Cicero on the Status of Women
Student(s): Lauren Stroyeck

German Citizenship Reform: Legal Inclusion vs. National Belonging
Student(s): Carolina Solms-Baruth

Teaching Citizens to Talk: Civic Education in a Deliberative Democracy
Student(s): Melissa Hendricks

The Effect of Dual Citizenship on Germany's Democratic Legitimacy
Student(s): Carolina Solms-Baruth


Gossip Tendencies and Effects on Social Interactions
Student(s): Jillian Weston

The Expression of Certainty through Spoken Language and the Influence of Gender Stereotypes
Student(s): Jaclyn Ochs-Gregory


Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are: Gender Identity and College
Student(s): Tiffany Brown

Exotic Dancers and the Negotiation of Stigma
Student(s): Iantha Dube

Panhellenic Women and Release Figures: How They Think the New Method of Recruitment Will Affect Sororities at Virginia Wesleyan College
Student(s): Kathleen Kern

Shelter - Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Stereotypes on a College Campus
Student(s): Ashley Buck, Mallori King