Student Research Projects

2009-2010 Projects


Aesthetically Speaking
Student(s): Madelaine Lawrence

Ethics in the World of Art
Student(s): Shirley Lynette Lancaster

Art History

Children in 19th Century Art
Student(s): Maegan Murray

Mobility in the Class Formation of the Bourgeois during the 19th Century
Student(s): Katie Bennett

Post World War II Anxieties: Art of the 1950s
Student(s): Kyle Ulsh

The American Pin-up: The Blurring of Identities from Vargas to Rosie
Student(s): Hilary P. Hoffman

The Bourgeoisie and Impressionism in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Student(s): Michelle Bradford


Advancement of Prosthetic Surfaces for Enhanced Osseointegration in Amputees
Student(s): Rachel Fancher

Analysis of Hydrocarbons Within Storm Water Runoff
Student(s): Parésa Taghavie-Moghadam

Best Management Processes and Their Effect on Nitrogen
Student(s): Paresa Taghavie-Moghadam

Biomanipulation Effects on Nutrient Release by Gizzard Shad in Central Florida Lakes
Student(s): W. Morris '05
C. Selecky '05
K. Wright '06

Comparative study of genital morphology of Caribbean harvestmen
Student(s): Dayna Cook

Comparative study of genital morphology of Central American harvestmen
Student(s): Cathryn Wilson

Do Long Term Dosages of Corticosteroids Influence Osteonecrosis?
Student(s): Anna Pivarnik

Effect of Acidification on Zooplankton and productivity in a small lake
Student(s): Lan Tran

Effects of Diet on Gut Morphology of Gizzard Shad from Acton Lake, OH and Lake Oneida, NY
Student(s): John Evans

Effects of Semisquatic Turtles on Macroinvertebrates and Phytoplankton
Student(s): Shannon Cassatt

Effects of Stress on the Morphology of Animals in Captivity
Student(s): Cathryn Wilson

Etanercept: A New Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
Student(s): Jasmine Knight

Intraspecific Variation in Secondary Sexual Characteristics of a Stygnid Harvestman
Student(s): Mary Smith

Meet Your Meat
Student(s): Kevin Finder

Potential Effects of Diet on Gizzard Shad Morphology
Student(s): Ashley Wright

The Cause and Effects of Domestication in Canis familiaris
Student(s): Kim Eisle

The Effects of Temperature on Arm Regeneration in Three Species of Brittle Stars in the Genus Ophiocoma
Student(s): Jasmine Knight

The Effects of Temperature on Oxygen Consumption in Ophiocoma pumila
Student(s): Anna Pivarnik

The impact of using native or non-native oysters to restore the Chesapeake Bay
Student(s): Lan Tran

Utilizing the Adenovirus as an Oncolytic Virus Cancer Treatment
Student(s): Shannon Cassatt

West Nile Virus
Student(s): Mary Smith


A comparison of antioxidant levels in fresh, canned, and frozen vegetables.
Student(s): Amy Bradford

Analysis of Copper in Soil and Grasses
Student(s): Okechi Hamilton

Analysis of Organic Contaminants in Sediments Within Norfolk Waterways
Student(s): Ashley Wright

Determination of Aflatoxins in Hamster Feed: An Experiment Determining the Optimal Growing Conditions for A. flavus
Student(s): Laura E. Norris

Oxytetracycline to Doxycycline
Student(s): Ashley Wright

Quantification of Mercury in Regulated and Unregulated Mascaras
Student(s): Tiffany M. Morris

Quantifying Soluble Phenolics from Different Brands of Consumer Tea
Student(s): Parésa Taghavie-Moghadam

Quantitative Analysis of Protein Buildup on Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
Student(s): Nicholas A.Raiford

Spectrophotometric Determination of Urea in Alcoholic Beverages
Student(s): Shannon E.Cassatt

The Quantitation of Tyrosine in Common High Protein Food Products
Student(s): Rachel A. Fancher


Bette Davis and Meryl Streep, a 1939 to today comparison
Student(s): Ari Durall

Condie’s World
Student(s): Alisa W. Crider

Mary Blair
Student(s): Taja Glover

Online social networking and religious institutions
Student(s): Brittany Hayes

The Outlaw Messiah in V For Vendetta
Student(s): Kelly Fauth

Computer Science

Accupressure Points Online Database System
Student(s): Tara Santos

Earth and Environmental Sciences

BMP Removal Efficiency of Phosphorous and Nitrogen in Stormwater
Student(s): Heaven Meinnert

Effectiveness of Amendments in Reducing nutrients and Mercury release from Green Roofs
Student(s): Lan Tran
John Maravich

Establishing methodology and determining baseline Carbon Footprint for STIHL Inc.
Student(s): John Maravich

Mercury and nutrients in runoff from vegetated green roofs
Student(s): Lan Tran
Heaven Meinnert

Mercury in green roof runoff
Student(s): Mark Childress, Jerilyn Idler, John Maravich, Heaven Meinnert, Scott Tetzner, Lan Tran


Mercury and Me
Student(s): Kimberly Yelton


Children’s Literature in a Digitalized World
Student(s): Maura Bradley

Craft as Necessity: Poetic Creation through Revision
Student(s): Eric Webb

Reflections on the Architecture of Sentences
Student(s): Elizabeth Melby

The Book of Urizen: Blake’s Adaptation of Gnostic Myth to Confront His Fractured World
Student(s): Kim Fahle

Thomas Pynchon’s Theatrics in Gravity’s Rainbow
Student(s): Maura Bradley

Environmental Studies

Student Training for Environmental Protection
Student(s): Wayne Credle
Errin Carter
Odessa Knipp
Dorothy Allen
Melinda Hopper

Foreign Languages and Literature

Hispanics in Virginia
Student(s): Kristina Riley


Corruption in Nineteenth-Century New York City: An Institution that Spanned All of Society
Student(s): Chelsea Panissidi

The Norfolk and Portsmouth Yellow Fever of 1855: A Context for Discussion of Relations Between the North and South
Student(s): Jennifer Brown

The Suffragists as Victims or Unfit Wives: The Use of Gender in British Suffragist and Anti-Suffragist Cartoons, 1908-1914
Student(s): Rebecca Driscoll

Management, Business and Economics

A Brief Study on the Importance of Communication in a Managerial Setting
Student(s): David Dunn

Adopting SWAMI: An Examination of Social Computing in the Workplace
Student(s): Ashlee Edwards

Appeal of Millitary Officers to Corporate America
Student(s): Matt Hovsepain
Michael Tibbs

Baseball management, better prepared or not?
Student(s): Joshua Jarvis

Cheerleader role in Management
Student(s): Melissa Baumann

College Athletics and its benefits on Managerial Skills
Student(s): Courtney Whorten

Communication: How managers communicate and the effects they have.
Student(s): Vincent Warren

Deviance of athletes at the professional level and the varied punishments from past to present.
Student(s): Katie Gradel, Brittany Moseley

Franchise management structure vs. Mom and Pop management structure.
Student(s): Craig Richardson and Stephan Cawfield

How to Manage the Seasoned: Relationship between Coaches and Players
Student(s): Nephtali Spice Sierra

Impact of Managerial Style on the Success of a Company
Student(s): Antwanna Baker and Veronica Jackson

Is Quality Control Worth It?
Student(s): Elyssa M. Cornmire

Nike’s Dispute with the University of Oregon
Student(s): Shannon Howell, Kristen Butts, and Vincent Jordan

No salary cap in NFL, its affect on owners.
Student(s): Nick Wilson

Regional Economic Analysis of Military Spending and the Hampton Roads Real Estate Market
Student(s): Jessie Nash

Religious Affiliation and Ethical Management: A Match Made in Heaven?
Student(s): Brittany Hayes

Risk Management in the IT Industry
Student(s): Steven Douglas

Style Matters
Student(s): Devon Heath

Technology’s Effect on Contemporary Management
Student(s): Gus Pastore, Greg Cheza

The Effects of Eastern Philosphy Techniques on Worker Productivity
Student(s): Michael Brandon Ennis & Larry Holmes

What role does ethnicity play in managerial styles?
Student(s): Angie M. Bortoluzzi

Women CEO’s in the workforce
Student(s): Allison Buckley and Kim Berger

Your Image in a Crisis
Student(s): Cassandre Durocher and Tiaira Norman


Methods of Logic
Student(s): Lauren Perry
Ksera Dyette

‘That Single Individual’: Dr. Gregory House
Student(s): Andrea Medrano

Political Science

Evangelical Buddhism and its Effects on Politics in Taiwan
Student(s): Elizabeth Maxwell

Religious Studies

History of Methodism on the Eastern Shore of Virginia
Student(s): Andrew Cropper

John Wesley’s Use of Electrotherapy
Student(s): Adam Tobey

Methodism in East Asia
Student(s): Kourtni Nicole Brown

Methodist Involvement in Ecumenism
Student(s): Brian Boettcher

Student Life on Methodist Campus
Student(s): Christine Markham

The United Methodist Response to Homelessness
Student(s): Ashley Buck

Student(s): Meridith Haskett

Visual Art in Methodism
Student(s): Samantha Bull

Wesley and Whitefield: Theological Brothers at Arms
Student(s): Timothy K. Abrahams


College Students Perceptions of Elder Abuse
Student(s): Wendy L. Washington

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are: Gender Identity and College
Student(s): Tiffany Brown

Improving Local Food Bank
Student(s): Sarah Saccone, Bobby Edmond, Kylie White, Liz Griffith, Vanessa Diaz, Rhiannon McFerren

Online Identity and Self-presentation of Gang Members in Social Networking Sites
Student(s): Deborah Sterne

Pan-Hellenic Women and Release Figures: How Sorority Women Think a New Method of Recruitment Will Affect Their Organizations
Student(s): Kathleen Kern

Pets on the Virginia Wesleyan College Campus
Student(s): Suzanne Diesel
Nick Spoto
Tim Weyant
Bridget Claus

Shelter-Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Stereotypes on a College Campus
Student(s): Ashley Buck
Mallori King

Student HIV/AIDS Awareness
Student(s): Niinoi Akuetteh
Cassie Allison
Jessica Gonzalez
Josh McNutt
Richard Alan Robertson

The Influence of Identity Type and Social Worlds on Attribution Styles among Sorority Women at Virginia Wesleyan College
Student(s): Shannon Sabo

Virginia Wesleyan College Marlin Safe Space Program
Student(s): Tiffany Brown

Women's and Gender Studies

Mothers in Life and Death
Student(s): April Guscott