Student Research Projects

2010-2011 Projects

Exercise and Mood
Student(s): Sky Washington
Heather Sookram
Kylie Mears

Art History

Body, Context, and Gaze: Images of Women During WWII
Student(s): Hilary Hoffman

Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Religious Iconography
Student(s): Samantha Bull


Activity Patterns of Two Species of Neotropical Harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones) from Costa Rica
Student(s): Ryan R. Wade
Ednidia Loaiza Phillips

Behavioral Responses of Neotropical Harvestmen to Invertebrate Predators
Student(s): Dayna Cook and Adam Smith

Comparative Study of Walking and Climbing Speeds Among Neotropical Harvestmen from Costa Rica
Student(s): Adam Smith
Dayna Cook

Effects of Diet on Gut Morphology of Gizzard Shad
Student(s): John Evans
Ashley Wright '10

Effects of Predation, Competition and Isolation on the Rate of Shell Selection in Pagurus longicarpus
Student(s): Amber King

Epizoic Cyanobacteria Associated with a Neotropical Harvestman (Opiliones, Sclerosomatidae) from Costa Rica
Student(s): Ryan Wade

Gut Morphology of Gizzard Shad Differs Based on the Lake of Origin
Student(s): Annabel Lang

Microbes in the Gut Contents of Bivalves
Student(s): Jennifer Houghton

Preliminary Analysis of Bacteria Associated with Temperate Harvestmen
Student(s): Alex Poteet

Reproductive Anatomy of Bivalves
Student(s): Errin Carter

Role of the Anal Fin in Swimming Kinematics of the Black Ghost Knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons)
Student(s): Travis DeGraphenried

Shell Selection in the Hermit Crab Pagurus longicarpus Influenced by Chemical, Visual, and Quality Cues
Student(s): Brandon Hicks

Survey of the Zalmoxidae of Costa Rica
Student(s): Megan Johnson

The Daddy-longlegs (Opiliones, Sclerosomatidae) of Costa Rica
Student(s): Ryan Wade

The Impact of Leg Autotomy upon Walking and Climbing by Temperate Harvestmen
Student(s): Jennifer Houghton


Comparison of the Chemical Composition and Human Detection of Odorants in Commercial Fragrances
Student(s): Jacob Newton

Detection, Characterization, and Comparison of Bioactive Toxins in the Nudibranch Doriopsilla pharpa and its Prey Cliona celata from the Eastern Shore of Virginia
Student(s): Jennifer Forbes

Elemental Analysis of Children’s Name-Brand and Generic Cereals Using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Student(s): Jennifer Forbes

Measuring Soluble Free Antioxidants in Grapes
Student(s): Amy Bradford


Beauty and the Fashion Model
Student(s): Lindsey Spears

Criminal Celebrity
Student(s): Theresa Culpepper

The British Invasion and Fame: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who
Student(s): Janet Boehnlein

Why A-list Actresses : Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts are Celebrities
Student(s): Ari Durall

Computer Science

Remote Access
Student(s): Kieara Mowery

The Study of Designing a Shopping Store Online Information System
Student(s): Paula S. Woodson

Criminal Justice

Male Rape: Undeniably Underreported- A Historical Case Analysis of Patriarchy’s Influence on the Male Ideal
Student(s): Ksera T. Dyette

Misbehavior Among Virginia Wesleyan College Students
Student(s): Tiffany Tuggle
Brooke Powers
Brendan Dibari
Adam Nycz

The Value of Sleep in our VWC Community
Student(s): Andrew Kasecamp
Arielle Morris
Timothy Blackmon

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Effectiveness of BMP Types in Reducing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Turbidity and Oil
Student(s): Heaven Meinnert and Paresa Taghaive-Moghadam

The External Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Technologies
Student(s): John Nash Maravich


Attitudes Towards Dialectical Differences in English Classrooms
Student(s): Dana Lynch

Is Year Round Schooling the Answer?
Student(s): Jocelyn Spencer


Single Parents in Jane Austen
Student(s): Tiffany Cowart

Environmental Studies

Waste Minimization and Recycling at STIHL Inc.
Student(s): Owen Davis '10


An Examination of the Gendered Relationships between Matron Hannah Ropes and the Men of the Union Hotel Hospital in Georgetown, D.C. June 26, 1862 - January 11, 1863
Student(s): Jennifer Brown

German Womanhood in Service to the Nazi State
Student(s): Amanda Tonelli, ’12

Mothers, Moral Compasses, and Sisters to the Nation: Traditional and Radical Arguments against the Contagious Diseases Acts, 1864-1886
Student(s): Rebecca Driscoll

The Empirical Imperium: Science and Empire in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century United States
Student(s): John Nash Maravich

The Socialization of Women through Midwifery
Student(s): Latoya Mack

The Women’s Social and Political Union: Legality, Femininity and Violence from 1903-1910
Student(s): Christine Dawe ’12

Torture and the European Witch Hunt: A Society Geared for Violence
Student(s): Bethany Bayles

Management, Business and Economics

The Economic Impact of Museums
Student(s): Samantha Bull

Trust in the Workplace
Student(s): Scarlett Barham
Lynne Waters


The Travelling Salesman Around the Globe: Investigating the Travelling Salesman Problem on a Sphere
Student(s): Ashlee Edwards

Political Science

Micro-Finance Organizations and Their Effect on Female Economic Empowerment in the Developing World.
Student(s): Gillian Lane, ’11


An Investigation of the Acute Impact of Dove’s Evolution on Disordered Eating in College Women
Student(s): Kara Davis

Attitudinal Perceptions of Rape (APR): Gender and Role-reversal
Student(s): Ksera Dyette

Correlations between the Big Five Personality Traits and Types of User Engagement on Facebook
Student(s): Ashyle Getter-Jackson

Distraction Effects of Background Television on Memory Using a Verbal Memory Test
Student(s): Arthur Smith

Effect of Perpetrator Race on Eyewitness Recall
Student(s): Jazmine Linger

Effects of Empathy and Exposure to Prosocial Media on Willingness to Help
Student(s): Amanda Sampson

False Memories: The Interaction between Personality and Memory
Student(s): Curran Lee

Gender Differences in Flashbulb Memories
Student(s): Jesse Tomczak

The Effect of Gender on Criminal Sentencing
Student(s): Ashley Phulesar

The Effect of Guided Imagery on Anxiety in Response to Human Suffering
Student(s): Jessica Rivera

The Effect of Math Stereotype Exposure on Mathematical Performance in Females
Student(s): Jessica Coleman

The Enhanced Memory: The Effect of Gesturing on Memory Recall
Student(s): Johnae Hughes

To Text or Not to Text: An Experimental Investigation of Cell Phone Use During Lecture
Student(s): Melissa Campbell


HIV/AIDS Knowledge Among VWC Freshman Students
Student(s): Jessica Gonzalez
Richard Robertson


After Miss Julie
Student(s): Kyle Ulsh

Trivial Pursuit: A Play in One Act
Student(s): April Guscott

Women's and Gender Studies

Patriarch's Restriction of Female Sexuality
Student(s): Allison Dazey