Student Research Projects

2011-2012 Projects


Microbial Vivacity
Student(s): Katie Bennett


An initial test of vermicompost as a soil amendment
Student(s): Meagan Cunningham

Assembly of a Black-casqued Hornbill (Ceratogymna atrata) Skeletal Mount
Student(s): Amelia Goebel
Rebecca Simerick

Assembly of a Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) Skeletal Mount
Student(s): Brittany Jackson
Skylar Graves

Comparative study of the microanatomy of the dorsal scutum of cosmetid harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores)
Student(s): Megan Johnson
Tara White

Effects of body mass, tidal immersion and temperature on nutrient cycling of Geukensia demissa.
Student(s): Jeff Illinik

Evolution of piRNA genes and piRNA Clusters in Mammals
Student(s): Thelma Tower

Harvestmen of French Guyana
Student(s): Megan Johnson

Impact of Urbanization on Salt Marsh Bird Diversity and Community Composition
Student(s): Mark Petersen

Interspecific variation in the morphology of the chelicerae, pedipalps and walking legs of cosmetid harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores)
Student(s): Tara White
Megan Johnson

Intraspecific variation in the microanatomy of female and male genitalia in the Neotropical harvestman Cynortula granulata (Opiliones, Cosmetidae)
Student(s): Katie Bennett

Microanatomy and composition comparison between rural and urban Crassostrea virginica shell.
Student(s): Matt Boyce

Microanatomy and composition of the chelicerae, pedipalps and tarsal claws of gonyleptoidean harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores)
Student(s): Kristyn Anselmo

Microanatomy of the integument of Metopilio spp. (Eupnoi, Sclerosomatidae) from Costa Rica
Student(s): Andrea Slurff

Pigments of Neotropical Harvestmen
Student(s): Kristyn Anselmo

Recruitment and settlement of Balanus sp. and Crassostrea virginica larvae in the Lafayette River
Student(s): Bryanna Cunningham

Structure and composition of ceramic glazes
Student(s): Pete Wise
Meredith Avery

The Effects of Temperature on the Symbiotic Zooxanthellae in Aiptasia pallida
Student(s): Richard Moseley

Variation in gut morphology of Gizzard Shad
Student(s): Sean Whitson


Comparison of cadmium concentrations in rural and urban Crassostrea virginica shell through FAAS.
Student(s): Matthew Boyce

Mercury Analysis of Oyster Tissue, Sediment, and Water Samples from an Urban Sub-Estuary
Student(s): Melinda Hopper

Oyster Restoration and Water Quality in an Urban Sub-Estuary
Student(s): Melinda Hopper
Matt Boyce

Super Critical Fluid Extraction of an Essential Oil
Student(s): Kristyn Anselmo

Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Antioxidants from Blueberries
Student(s): Kristyn Anselmo


"I'll Be There For You": An Examination of an Audience's Friendship with Friends
Student(s): Rio Ziegler

Friends as Family: Historical Context Shapes One's View of Friendship
Student(s): Olivia Phillips

Pixar’s Magic Touch: A look at the computer animation studio’s reputation and mold for successful friendship-focused films
Student(s): Natalie Belva

Computer Science

User-Friendly Business Template Site
Student(s): Dale Sparks

Criminal Justice

A Time Line of Abuse
Student(s): Amy Robinson

Media Portrayals of Women on a Social Network
Student(s): Shannon Knight

Social Networking and Crime
Student(s): Kaitlyn Dozier

Why Do Battered Women Stay?
Student(s): Jennifer Wiscons

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Sampling Methods for the National Wetlands Conditions Assessment Database
Student(s): Melinda Hopper


The Impact of the College Immersion Program on Middle-School Students at the De La Salle Blackfeet School in Browning, Montana
Student(s): Melissa Snyder


Student(s): Melissa Snyder

Foreign Languages and Literature

“5+7= 12”...Doin' the Math of France's Dom-Tom (The Overseas Departments and Territories of France)
Student(s): Brittany Muir
Breanna Muir

Health and Human Services

Senior Intergration
Student(s): Tiffany Woodard,
Olivia Meyers,
Soquya Blizzard,
Rebecca Murphy,
Alyssa Hawkins

Women’s Leadership Institute
Student(s): Janessa Kapinos
Shannon Knight


A Radical's Perspective: A Study of Commodification and the Consumer Society in the Films of Jean-Luc Godard
Student(s): Michael Haverly

An Examination of the Gendered Relationships between Matron Hannah Ropes and the Men of the Union Hotel Hospital in Georgetown, D.C. June 26, 1862 - January 11, 1863
Student(s): Jennifer Brown

The Language of the Salem Witch Trials: How Issues of Ministerial Control Shaped the Events of Mass Hysteria.
Student(s): Bethany Bayles

The Many Images of Joan of Arc: Hero, Cross-Dresser, Saint
Student(s): Christine Dawe

Management, Business and Economics

Applied Internship Topic for Business Major
Student(s): Scarlett Barham

Managing a Firm in a Simulated Business Environment
Student(s): Hanna Winkel,
Brenae Petitt,
Bre'Onna White,
Nicole Rust

Start it up! Entrepreneurship.
Student(s): Don Lawrence
Carly Williams
Dolores Roberts


Killing Forms of Lie Superalgebras
Student(s): Michael Corder

Political Science

Female Genital Mutilation: Approaches to Ending the Controversial Tradition
Student(s): Kristen Hayden

Mythbusting the Occupy Movement
Student(s): Michael Haverly,
Marisa Postma,
Dale Sparks,
Daniel Bowman

Quotas in Politics: Do they really help to achieve gender equality?
Student(s): Carissa Chantiles

United States Involvement in International Domestic Affairs: Positive and Negative Outcomes of United States Foreign Intervention
Student(s): Marisa Postma

When It Goes Down: State Violence and Social Movements
Student(s): Michael Haverly


Cat Fights?: The Harmless Batterer
Student(s): Jennifer Cathcart and Dominique Sheard

Effects of Non-Academic Activities on Academic Achievement
Student(s): Alex Maguire
Monica Wildasin
Ryland Stanley

Exercise and Self-Esteem Questionnaire
Student(s): Kimberly McKinney
Jacqueline Togno

Mindfulness Among Undergraduate Students
Student(s): Amber Grader
Jenna Chander
Crista Marsh
Antoinnette Kopaskis
Allie Lanna
Shelby Bryceland

Prevalence and Correlated Factors of Disordered Eating in Collegiate Athletes
Student(s): Kimberly McKinney

The Effects of Trait and State Curiosity on Pursuit of Difficult Tasks
Student(s): Amber Grader

The Latino Adolescent and Maternal Separation
Student(s): John Evans

The Relationship Dynamic between Eating Disorders and the Sex Trade
Student(s): Jacob Settle

What's Life Without Stress?
Student(s): Andy Brown
Jennifer Cathcart
Edwina Harleyson
Briana Howell
Tiara Sumner
Tierra Jackson

Working Women: When being qualified isn’t enough.
Student(s): Andrea Medrano

Religious Studies

Marriage Forms of the Shakers, Mormons, and Oneida Community in the 19th Century
Student(s): Kelly Fauth


A Study of Academic Resource Usage at Virginia Wesleyan College: Athletes vs. Non-Athletes
Student(s): Michelle Mace
Brian Dressler
Shawnee Lewis

Children of Greed
Student(s): Edward Fisher
Victoria Pretlow

Do Day Commuter Students Feel a Part of the VWC Community?
Student(s): Jennifer Wiscons
Taleshia Wynn

Freshmen Students and HIV/AIDS Testing on the Virginia Wesleyan College Campus
Student(s): Kelly Fauth

Love is....
Student(s): Jennifer Wiscons

Motivation of Participants in VWC’s “Cooking for Kids” Program
Student(s): Kelly Fauth,
Ed Fisher,
Michelle Neal

The Feasibility of a 24 hr. Convenience Store on the VWC Campus
Student(s): Michael Hall
Kelsey Birckhead