Student Research Projects

2012-2013 Projects


A Metagenomic Comparison of the Microflora from Vermicompost with the Intestinal Microflora from the Composting Worm Eisenia foetida
Student(s): Matthew Boyce, '13

Assessment of Swimming Performance in Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Yearlings: Kinematic and Respiratory Analysis
Student(s): Jeremiah Clester, ‘13

Ercolania Manglephila: A New Species of Limapontian Ascoglossan (=sacoglossan) from the Florida Keys (Opisthobranchia: Ascoglossa: Limapontiidae)
Student(s): Andrea Slurff, ‘14

Exploring the Effects of Gene Mutations on the Common Mold, Neurospora Crass
Student(s): Whitney Symons, ‘15

Leg Injuries in the Neotropical Harvestman Erginulus clavotibialis (Opiliones, Laniatores, Cosmetidae)
Student(s): John Evans, ‘13

Morphology Comparison of the Wildtype and an Annexin Mutant of Red Bread Mold, Neurospora crassa, in Minimal vogel media and saboraud dextrose agar
Student(s): Tanya Puccio, ‘15

Morphology of Mandible and Labial Palps of Four Invasive Scolytid Beetle Species (Xyleborus affinis, Xyleborus ferrugineus, Xyleborus onoharaensis, Xyleborinus saxeseni)
Student(s): Mikel Conway, ‘14

Reproductive Morphology of Three Species of Neotropical Harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores, Gonyleptoidea)
Student(s): Katie Bennett, ‘13

Sand Particle Composition Investigation of Costa Rican Beaches
Student(s): Darren Driscoll, ‘14

SEM Analysis of Neurospora crassa Mutants
Student(s): Kasey Hostetler, ‘15

SEM-EDS Analysis of Jaco and Manuel Antonio Sand Particles
Student(s): Lindsey Inzna, ‘14


Determination of Calcium Present in Breast Milk Through Use of Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Student(s): Ashley Fernandez, ‘13

Eco-Friendly Carwash, or Ammonium Adversary?
Student(s): Eric Lange, ‘13

Extraction of Potential Antimicrobial Compounds from Marine Sea Sponges
Student(s): Nicolletta Cuthbert, ‘14

Investigation of Copper Runoff in Soil and Water Samples
Student(s): Darren Driscoll, ‘14

Investigation of sample matrix effects using spinning sampling chamber laser ablation ICPMS
Student(s): Matthew Boyce, ‘13

Trace Copper Analysis by Flame Atomic Absorption in Varied Wine Samples From Warsaw, Virginia
Student(s): Jenna Starkey, ‘13


How Students Get their News: An Examination of College Students and their News Sources in the Digital Age
Student(s): Jill Reynolds, ‘14

Jerry Sandusky’s Spiral of Silence
Student(s): Sara Erlichman, ‘14

Silence in Autism: A Progressive Look at Limited Communication and Noise Sensitivity
Student(s): Jessica Hauser, ‘13

Earth and Environmental Sciences

A Literature Review of Mercury in Dolphins
Student(s): Lauren Nicholson, ‘13

An Investigation of Coastal Sources of Methyl Mercury Along the Eastern United States
Student(s): Jeremiah Clester, ‘13

Applicability of the SEM and EDS Systems in Mineral Identification
Student(s): Meredith Avery, ‘13


Human Connectivity in the Fiction of David Foster Wallace
Student(s): Michael Connors, ‘13

Juice Up!: Ishmael Reed's Attack on Americans and the Media
Student(s): Chelsea Lewis, ‘13

Shakespeare's Women
Student(s): Kerri-Leanne Taylor, ‘15

The Creation of Emotion by Illustrations in Children’s Literature
Student(s): Kelly Keys, ‘13

The Destabilized House: A Marginal Reading of House of Leaves
Student(s): Kelly Brennan, ‘13

The Question of “I” in Till We Have Faces: Gender and the Becoming of the Self
Student(s): Jessica Landry, '12

Foreign Languages and Literature

Nationalism to Globalization in Modern Day Sports in France: Three Iconic Sports Figures Yannick Noah, Zinedine Zidane and Tony Parker
Student(s): Breanna Muir, ‘13

Spanish Feminist Poet, Carmen Conde: Expanding the Female Conscience during the Franco Dictatorship
Student(s): Stephanie Harron, ‘15 (Hispanic Studies and Music)


The Heartbeat of Darkness: British Colonists, Dehumanization, Emasculation, and Objectification of Their Colonial Subjects through the Lens of Conrad’s Novel
Student(s): Brianne Cork, ‘14

Women in World War II Germany: Lack of Preparation, Strive for Normalcy, and Desensitization
Student(s): Morgan Piero, ‘15

Women’s and Children’s Education During the French Revolution
Student(s): Julie Spivey, ‘14

Management, Business and Economics

Diversity and Workplace Conflict: Challenges and Solutions
Student(s): Alexis Brown, ‘14

Ethics And The Financial Services Industry: A Case Study of Goldman Sachs
Student(s): Aaron Murphy, ‘13

Is Social Responsibility Worth Companies Investing In?
Student(s): Christina Fernandes, ‘13

Work Teams and Diversity
Student(s): Delores Roberts, ‘13


The Bagger Management Project
Student(s): Michael Corder, ‘’15

Political Science

The Effects of Partisan Media on Attitudes towards Gays
Student(s): Adam Amick, ‘13

The Political Cure: Gender Quotas and Women’s Health
Student(s): Carissa Chantiles, ‘13


Gender Differences and Attitudes towards the Military
Student(s): Anderson Brown, ‘13

How Management Styles Affect Work Ethic and Stress Level
Student(s): Catherine Boggs, ‘13

The Effects of Musical Stimulation on Recall in College Students
Student(s): Taylor Harding, ‘13

The Effects of Social Norm Perception on Perceived Sexual Deviancy
Student(s): Randy Rice, ‘13

The Influence of Gender and Infidelity on Jealousy for Sexual and Emotional Infidelity
Student(s): Tiara McIntosh, ‘13

The Prevalence of Disordered Eating Behavior in Association with Nonconsensual Sexual Experiences in College Women
Student(s): Jacob Settle, '12

The Relationship Between Gender and Domestic Violence Blame and Myth Acceptance
Student(s): Cassandra Knapp, ‘13


How Animal Therapy Helps Communication Deficits in Individuals with Autism
Student(s): Caitlyn Bishop, ‘15


How Viewers Feel about Live Mas
Student(s): Victoria Pretlow, '13