Student Research Projects

2013-2014 Projects

Art History

Pop Artists: Response to Commercialism, Consumerism, and Politics of the 1960s
Student(s): Jaquelyn Gabaldon ‘17

Quantifying Art
Student(s): Thomas Simmons ‘16

The Complexity and Irony Behind the Nazis’ Degenerate Art
Student(s): Kirsten Olson ‘14


A Scanning Electron Microscopy Survey of the External Morphology of Cosmetid Harvestmen
Student(s): Andrea Rodriguez '14

An Investigation of Factors Influencing Nutrient Excretion in Betta splendens
Student(s): Lisa Murray '14

Comparative study of Central American cosmetid harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores)
Student(s): Lindsey Inzana ‘14

Comparative study of cosmetid harvestmen from the genera Eupoecilaema and Meterginus (Opiliones, Laniatores) from Central America
Student(s): Richard Page ‘14

Comparative Study of the external morphology of Stygnomma fuhrmanni & Ethobunus albitrochanteris
Student(s): Stacey Sank '14

Diversity of Bacteria in the Visceral Mass of Commercial and Chesapeake Bay Bivalves
Student(s): Christinna Thorpe ‘14

EDS-based Investigation of the Elemental Composition of the Exoskeleton of A Harvestmen
Student(s): Alison Washington '15

Hygienic Behavior in the Scuttle Fly, Megaselia scalaris
Student(s): Marlan Hare ‘16 and Amanda Hyre ’14

Integument and Sensory Structures on the legs of zalmoxid harvestmen (Panopiliops reimoseri)
Student(s): Candice Carey '15

Interspecific Variation in Ovipositor Morphology Among Cosmetid Harvestmen
Student(s): Eric Walker '14

Nutrient Excretion by Freshwater Snails: Effect of Body Mass and Feeding
Student(s): David McGuire ‘14

Nutrient Excretion in Sexually Dimorphic Fish
Student(s): Lisa Murray ‘14

Olfactory Stimuli as a Means to Elicit Predatory Behaviors in Malayan Tigers
Student(s): Lindsey Trowbridge ‘14

Opisthobranch Mollusks across the Upper Keys of Florida: Systematics and Development
Student(s): Andrea Rodriguez ‘14

Ovipositor Morphology of Cosmetid (Arachnida, Opilliones, Laniatores): A New Source of Informative Characters
Student(s): Eric Walker '14

Ovipositor Morphology of Four Species of Harvestmen (Glysterus sp., Stygnomma fuhrmani, Stygnoplus clavotibialis, Vima intermedia)
Student(s): Melinda Bertram '15

SEM imaging of fungal colonies in-situ: a comparison of substrates and growth conditions
Student(s): Tanya Puccio '15

SEM Investigation of the Microanatomy of a Common Harvestmen from Virginia
Student(s): Hunter Melius '15

The Influence of Wolbachia on the Metagenome of the Common Fruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster
Student(s): Amanda Hyre ‘14

Ultrastructure study of spicules in the nudibranch Doriopsilla pharpa (Marcus, 1961) and its sponge prey Cliona celata Grant 1826
Student(s): Andrea Rodriguez '14

Wolbachia Infection in a Local Species of the Common Fruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster
Student(s): Amanda Hyre '14


An investigation of the composition of glaze and ceramic pieces from Nicaragua, Part I
Student(s): Areli Ibarra ‘15 (Chemistry)

Characterization of Hot Filament vs. Plasma-Assisted CVD for Preparation of Nanodiamond SNS Stripping Foils
Student(s): Darren Driscoll '14

Concentration of Calcium in Aging Animals
Student(s): Nicolletta Cuthbert ‘14

Determination of Creatine Excretion Before and After Strenuous Activity by HPLC
Student(s): Darren Driscoll ‘14

Kinetics of Release of the Dye Methylene Blue in Thermally Cured Poly(allylamine)/Poly(acrylic acid hydrochloride) Thin Films
Student(s): Alison Washington ‘15

Morphological studies on polymer electrolyte membranes (PEMs) used in fuel cells the effects of environmental conditions on structural changes as determined by FTIR spectroscopy, Part I
Student(s): Keane Dye ‘16 (Biology and Chemistry)

Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films: UV-visible Studies of Methylene Blue Loading and Rates of Release
Student(s): Alison Washington '15

Purification of a heat-stable alcohol dehydrogenase from Thermoanaerobacter pseudethanolicus
Student(s): Nicolletta Cuthbert '14

The Effect of Storm Water Retention Ponds on Anion Concentrations in the Water of an Urbanized Area
Student(s): Christopher Aneroussos ‘15


A Current Look at College Newspaper Content from Various Collegiate Environments
Student(s): Thomas Mills '15

Social Networking: A Study of How Frequent Twitter Use Could Lead to Higher Levels of Anxiety in Undergraduate College Students
Student(s): Amari Agee ’15, Isaac Arrington '15, Aoife Branco '15, Cortnee Brandon '15, Khedejah Been '15

Computer Science

A GUI Project on Baseball Scorebook and Outcome
Student(s): Kevin Jeff '14

An Online Tool for Choose Your Own Adventure
Student(s): Regina Barner '14

Application of Procedural Generation as a Training Tool
Student(s): James Duffy '14

Can Retail go Mobile?
Student(s): Wes Davis '14

The Small Business Website Template
Student(s): Michael Corder ‘14

Criminal Justice

Victim Blaming
Student(s): Renee Ellis ’15 and Katherine Killinger ‘14

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Determining the Efficacy of Soil Solarization and Mustard Seed Meal Treatments for Soil-borne Pest Control in Virginia Annual Plasticulture Strawberry Production
Student(s): Mikel Conway '14

Alternative Methods of Heavy Mineral Identification Using SEM/EDS
Student(s): Benjamin Bowes '14

Heterogeneity of Aerosols from Pleasure House Point, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Student(s): Andrew Simerson '14

Mercury Concentrations in Dolphins Stranded Along the Coast of Virginia  
Student(s): Erin Smith ‘14

SEM Analysis of Samples from the Aquia Formation Outcrop in King George County, Virginia
Student(s): Lewis Myers '14


Griet-ing the Gaze: Appropriations of Gender and the Male Gaze in Tracy Chevalier's Girl with a Pearl Earring
Student(s): Kyle Austin ‘14

MUDBLOODS! SCUM! CREATURES OF DIRT! or The Nature of Racism in Harry Potter
Student(s): Laura Fitrer ‘14

Watchmen and Pax Romana: Quid est tempus narrativum?
Student(s): Andrew Mullen ‘14

Foreign Languages and Literature

A Cultural Study of Political and Social Division of Twentieth-Century Spain: Pedro Antonio de Alarcon's novel, El Sombrero de tres picos and Manuel de Falla’s ballet “The Three Cornered Hat”
Student(s): Stephanie Harron ‘15 (Hispanic Studies and Music)


Catherine of Aragon and Normative Gender Roles in Tudor England
Student(s): Natasha Bugey

Charles and Ray Eames Create Stylish Plywood: Plyformed Chairs and Their Relation to Suburban Consumers, 1941-1959
Student(s): Cory M. Reeves '14

From the Social to the Political: Noblewomen’s Roles in the Henrician Court through the Life of Lady Rochford
Student(s): Julie Spivey

Malcolm X: Made by the Media, 1960-1965
Student(s): Shea Baldwin '14

Out of the Closet: Viewing Deviancy through another Perspective by Examining Films in the 1950s and 1960s
Student(s): Benjamin Freiler '14

The New York Times and the Building of a Modern Metropolis through the New York Yankees
Student(s): Jimmy Bowman '13


The New Mastermind
Student(s): Samantha Eanes '15, Tyler Chang '16, & Thomas Simmons '16

Political Science

Participating: The Relationship between Citizenship and Civic Engagement.
Student(s): Hannah Blanco '16

Subtle Messages: The Impact of Media on Support for Access to Abortion
Student(s): Alexis Turner-Lafving '16


Effects on Students of Education about Psychology and Eating Disorders
Student(s): Tempe Martens ‘14

Sexual Self-esteem: A Much Needed Measure
Student(s): Charity Bock '13 and Rebecca Bozora '14

Religious Studies

Classless Methodists
Student(s): Nicolas Snyder ‘17

The Methodist Slaves: Francis Asbury and The Methodist Crisis
Student(s): Dejha Crudup ‘14