Student Research Projects

2014-2015 Projects


The Extremes of Color: Augmented Perception of Color Pigments via the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Student(s): Teresa Gorman '15 (Sociology)


A comparison of birdbath behavior in the European Starling and the House Sparrow
Student(s): Sarah Antozzi '17 (Comprehensive Liberal Studies)

A comparison of the cultivable bacteria from surface-sterilized wolbachia-infected and wolbachia-free drosophila melanogaster
Student(s): Keane Dye ‘16 (Biology and Chemistry)

Bioactivity in the ascoglossan Elysia clarki Pierce et al., 2006 (mollusca: gastropoda: opisthobranchia: ascoglossa)
Student(s): Nancy Kelly '15 (Biology)

Comparative Study of Ovipositor Morphology among Harvestmen (Gonyleptidae: Manaosbiinae)
Student(s): Elizabeth Allen, '15 (Biology)
Emily Brooks '15 (Biology)
Margaret Tuthill '16 (Biology)

Genetic Recombination in Wolbachia-Infected Drosophila melanogaster
Student(s): William Lawson '16 (Biology and International Studies)

Impact of Urbanization on Salt Marsh Bird Abundance
Student(s): Ryan Helms ‘16 (Biology)

In Vitro Assessment of Peripheral Nerve Schwann Cells and Fibroblasts on Neurite Outgrowth
Student(s): Anjali Upadhyaya '15 (International Studies)

Influence of Wolbachia Infection on Fruit Fly Crosses
Student(s): Riana Garcia ‘16 (English and Psychology)

Root-bound anonymous: Does being root-bound affect the recovery of bryophyllum diagremontianum plants?
Student(s): Elizabeth Allen ’15 (Biology)

Starved versus fed anemones: Can the zooxanthellae do it all?
Student(s): Isaiah Beasely '15 (Biology)

Swimming dynamics in loggerhead sea turtle (caretta caretta)
Student(s): Kelly Jacobson ‘15 (Biology and Earth & Environmental Science)

The microscopic anatomy of the ovipositor of cosmetid harvestmen from the genera Paecilaema and Eupoecilaema
Student(s): Keane Dye '16 (Biology and Chemistry)
Britton Hipple ‘16 (Chemistry)
Marcy Elizabeth Wade '15 (Biology and Hispanic Studies)

The Morphology of the Ovipositors of Cosmetid Harvestman
Student(s): Kandace Gates ‘15 (Biology)

Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorous in Local Storm Water Ponds
Student(s): Hali Goad '16 (Earth and Environmental Science)


An analysis of the first flush effect and the impact of vegetation on stormwater drainage ponds.
Student(s): Lee Brethower '15 (Biology)

An investigation of the composition of glaze and ceramic pieces from Nicaragua, Part II
Student(s): Areli Ibarra '15 (Biology, Chemistry, Hispanic Studies)

Comparative Analysis of the DDC Method of the LaMotte Field Test Kit to the Colorimetric Determination of Copper with DDC to Flame Atomic Absorption  
Student(s): Britton Hipple '16 (Biology and Chemistry)

Comparison of Different Colorimetric Techniques in Determining Cyanide in Wine
Student(s): Joana Clark '16 (Chemistry)

Determining the Concentration of Glyphosate in Soil Samples
Student(s): Alison Washington ‘15 (Chemistry)

Extraction and isolation of antimicrobial compounds from Microcina ProliferaExtraction and isolation of antimicrobial compounds from Microcina Prolifera Extraction and isolation of antimicrobial compounds from Microcina Prolifera
Student(s): Lilly Moon '16 (Chemistry)

Isolation of antimicrobial compounds from the marine red algae Agarhiella tenera
Student(s): Tanya Puccio '15 (Biology and Hispanic Studies)

IsolIsolation of antimicrobial compounds from the marine red algae Agarhiella teneraation of antimicrobial compounds from the marine red algae Agarhiella tenera
Student(s): Tanya Puccio '15 (Biology and Hispanic Studies)

Kinetics of release of the dye methylene blue in thermally cured poly(allylamine)/poly(acrylic acid hydrochloride) thin films, Part II
Student(s): Alison Washington ‘15 (Chemistry)

Lead Pharmacuticals in Marine Sponges
Student(s): Hunter Melius '15 (Biology)

Measuring sebaceous secretion in the T-zone
Student(s): Je’Nelle Johnson ‘16 (Chemistry)

Morphological studies on polymer electrolyte membranes (PEMs) used in fuel cells the effects of environmental conditions on structural changes as determined by FTIR spectroscopy, Part II
Student(s): Keane Dye ‘16 (Biology and Chemistry)


Stoicism in “Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria”
Student(s): Christopher Merrell '16 (Classical Studies and History)

The Symbolism of Penelope: More Than Just a Wife
Student(s): Teddi Coleman '16 (Social Work)


“Nica Esperanza": A Documentary Film
Student(s): John Davis '15 (Communication)

A Grave New World: An Examination of Twitter Uses and Gratifications in Instances of Grief
Student(s): Samantha Small '16 (Communication)

Sherlock Holmes and Professor John Watson: The Case of the Famous Friendship that Continues to Intrigue Audiences Everywhere
Student(s): Kelly Marvel '16 (Communication)

Computer Science

Class Management Website
Student(s): Jeffrey Crouch ‘15 (Computer Science)

Connect Me
Student(s): Jeremy Whitehurst ‘15 (Computer Science)

Dog Search
Student(s): Kristina Karagiorgis ‘15 (Computer Science)

Student(s): Tim Pepper ‘15 (Computer Science)

Student(s): Brandon St. Amour ‘15 (Computer Science and Mathematics)

Simple Blackboard
Student(s): Corey Gray ‘15 (Computer Science)

The Helping Hand
Student(s): Daniel Samarin ‘15 (Computer Science)

Student(s): Thomas Simmons ‘15 (Computer Science and Mathematics)

Criminal Justice

Bad Experience or Bad Cop?
Student(s): John Biaocco ‘16 (Criminal Justice)
Clay Jones ‘16 (Criminal Justice)
Lauren Kingsbury ‘16 (Criminal Justice)
Jonathan Snow ‘15 (Criminal Justice)

Understanding the Relationship between Preventive Education, Sexual Assault, and Rape Myth Beliefs
Student(s): Lauren Amos '16 (Criminal Justice)
Ruben Pena '15 (Criminal Justice and Psychology)
Angela Toliver '15 (Criminal Justice)

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Balancing Cross Sections from the Sixteen Quadrangle, Montana Using Geographical Information System (GIS)
Student(s): James Griczin ‘15 (Earth and Environmental Science)

Mercury in bottlenose dolphins (tursiops truncatus) from the coast of Virginia
Student(s): Sherie Coleman ‘17 (Biology)
Matt Cooke ‘16 (Earth and Environmental Science)
Hannah Rice ‘15 (Earth and Environmental Science)


“It Isn’t a Love Story, It’s a Hate Story”: Intertexuality and Feminine Sacrifice in Wuthering Heights and the Twilight Saga
Student(s): Morgan Stroyeck ‘15 (English and Religious Studies)

“Let us move forward, then, into a new era of openness, effectiveness, and accountability”: Oppressive Institutions and Subversive Groups within the Harry Potter Series
Student(s): Alexa Higbee '15 (Criminal Justice and English)

A River Coursing Through: Representations of Infanticide in British Fiction and News
Student(s): Melissa Hazen '15 (English)

The Attraction and Repulsion of the Goblins in Christina Rossetti's “Goblin Market”
Student(s): Abigail Putnam '15 (English)


Alien Abduction Narratives and New Age Spirituality
Student(s): Christopher Merrell ‘16 (Classical Studies and History)

Perceptions of the Bastardy Clauses in the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act
Student(s): Melissa Hazen ‘15 (English)

Management, Business and Economics

The Relationship Between Managerial Orientation and Productivity: An Examination of Captains from Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch”
Student(s): Sydney Covey ‘16 (Business and Environmental Studies)


A Comparative Study Relating the Geometric Forms of Islamic Art and Gothic Cathedrals with Modern Theories of Musical Pitch and Intonation
Student(s): Stephanie Harron '15 (Hispanic Studies and Music)

Discovering the Culture of Brazil through Music
Student(s): Joy Olds '18 (English)

Puerto Rican Culture in Puerto Rican Music
Student(s): Laura Glickman '15 (Music)

Singing Vocal Music of Cuban Culture Makes a World of Difference
Student(s): Heather Ramsburg '16 (Music)

The Dance Rhythms of the Argentinean Chacarera
Student(s): Ajee Church '16 (Music)

The Many Faces of Requiem
Student(s): Jasmine Hilbert '15 (Music)

Political Science

Subtle Messages: The Impact of Media on Individual Change in Support for Access to Abortion
Student(s): Alexis Turner-Lafving ‘16 (Political Science)

The Effect of Students with Disabilities on Educational Funding
Student(s): Rachel Lambert ‘16 (Women and Gender Studies)
Trey DelPo '17 (Political Science)

Why Didn't Jane Run?
Student(s): Glenn Rose ‘16 (Political Science)


A Study of the Relationship between Religious Salience, Forgiveness Motivations, and Life Satisfaction
Student(s): Brianne Cork ‘15 (Psychology)

Body Image, Eating Attitudes, and Pressure on Female College Students
Student(s): Jenny Wilkins ‘16 (Comprehensive Liberal Studies and Psychology)

Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Resiliency in Children of Divorce as Young Adults
Student(s): Jordan Stellmacher ‘15 (Psychology)

If the Jeans Fit: An Experimental Study Between Clothing Size and Self-esteem
Student(s): Sarah Wilson ‘15 (Psychology)

Mindfulness: Impacts of Health and Study Habits
Student(s): Amelia Dodson ‘15 (Psychology)

The Influence of Source Credibility and Contextual Support on the Interpretation of Misinformation
Student(s): Courtney Jones ‘15 (Biology and Psychology)


Treating Dementia in the Twenty-First Century: The Effects of Technology Use on Increasing Socialization and Improving Mental Health
Student(s): Tenley Scott ‘16 (Recreation and Leisure Studies)


How Sodomy Made the Government Moan: The Cultural Revolution of “Hair”
Student(s): Trey DelPo '17 (Political Science)

Indonesian Inspired Puppet Show of “Oedipus Rex”
Student(s): Collette Vauthier '17 (Latin)