Student Research Projects

2015-2016 Projects


19th-Century Literary Genres and Shakespearean Paintings
Student(s): Ember Jenison, '17

Art History

American Campus Architecture and Plans
Student(s): Lydia O'Connor, '18

Appropriating the Image of Venus and Adapting the Iconography
Student(s): Valerie Miller, '19


An Investigation of the Microflora of Harvestmen Genitalia
Student(s): Areli Ibarra, '16

A comparison of the cultivable bacteria from Wolbachia-free and Wolbachia-infected strains of Drosophila melanogaster
Student(s): Marlan Hare, '16

Accumulation of Triglyceride in Tropical Termites Infected with an Acanthocephlan Parasite
Student(s): Sierra Brown, '16

Aspects of Natural History of the Arboreal Harvestman Cynorta Marginalis
Student(s): Tatyana Zvonareva, '16

Atmospheric Mercury Deposition to Ilex opaca: A comparison of deposition based on foliage location on the tree
Student(s): Emily Brooks, '16

Auditory Cues that Stimulate Anti-Predatory Behaviors of Sciurus carolinensis
Student(s): Heba Habib, '16

Dentition and radula morphology in an undescribed Ercolania species (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia: Ascoglossa)
Student(s): Ashley Sibley, '17

Effects of Acidified Sea Water on the Shell Morphology of Juvenile Crassostrea virginica
Student(s): Lindsay Dade, '16

Effects of Salinity on Mercury Deposition
Student(s): Tatyana Zvonareva, '16

Expression analysis of centrins during spermatogenesis in the model moss Physcomitrella patens
Student(s): Elizabeth Quamme, '17

Is Mercury Deposition on Quercus virginiana Correlated to Sea Spray Deposition?
Student(s): Sherie Coleman, '17

Reaction Time of Clibanarius tricolor in Response to Multiple Stimuli
Student(s): Mikayla Dunnavant, '18
Jennifer Hatstat, '18

Spiculation in Doriopsilla pharpa (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia: Nudibranchia) and its sponge prey
Student(s): Ashley Byers, '16

The Analysis of Cyanide in Stressed Peaches
Student(s): Nick Stamps, '16

The Effect of Salinity on Leaf Mercury Deposition
Student(s): Renee Wiggs, '16

The Effect of Vegetated Mats on Nitrate and Phosphate
Student(s): Jennifer Parker, '17

The range of frequencies that elicit an alert response in Branta Canadensis
Student(s): Trevor Maloney, '17
Stephanie Reidell, '17

The role of Arabinogalactan proteins in plant reproduction
Student(s): LeMar Callaway, '18


A Comparison of Total and Essential Amino Acids in Generic Brand Soy and Whey Protein Powders
Student(s): Joanna Clark, '16

Analysis of the Kinetics and Products of the Hydrolysis Reaction of Methylene Blue
Student(s): Keane Dye, '16

Antimicrobial Activity of Ulva lactuca seaweed extracts
Student(s): Tatyana Zvonareva, '16

Determination of concentration of leached Cadmium in various stain glazes
Student(s): Lilly Moon, '16

Determination of copper in distilled spirits using FAAS
Student(s): Areli Ibarra, '16

Dry Deposition of Mercury on Plants: Do Tree Leaves Possess the Ability to Collect More Mercury with Increasing Amounts of Sea Salt?
Student(s): Shane McPherson, '18

Extraction of antibacterial substance from Cinachyra alloclada
Student(s): Britton Hipple, '16

Extraction of Microbial compounds from Red Beard Sponge Microcina Prolifera from Gulf of Mexico and Chesapeake Bay
Student(s): Lilly Moon, '16

Improving Heavy Metal Removal from Storm Water Ponds via Floating Vegetation Mats
Student(s): Joanna Clark, '16

Quantification of Iron in Fortified Cereals using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Student(s): Britton Hipple, '16

Quantitative Determination of Catechin and Epicatechin in Chocolate and Correlation with Bitter Taste
Student(s): Tatyana Zvonareva, '16

The Effect of Vegetated Mats on Nitrate and Phosphate Levels in Stormwater Retention Ponds
Student(s): Jennifer Parker, '17


Neoclassical Architecture of the United States Capitol Building
Student(s): Erin Combs, '16

The Unique Tragic Plot of Herodotus' Histories
Student(s): Christopher Merrell, '16


Follow the Mainstream Road: The Relationship among Label Ownership, Commodification and the Commercialization of Hip-Hop and Rap Music
Student(s): Audrey Thames, '16

Computer Science

EasyIPBlocker: A Database Security System for Any Website
Student(s): Maurice Reed, '16

GPU Saturation for Multiple Matrix-Vector Multiplications
Student(s): Tyler Chang, '16

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Determining geologic formations by looking at riverbed sediments
Student(s): Rebecca Hyman, '16

Dry Deposition of Mercury on Plants: Do Tree Leaves Possess the Ability to Collect More Mercury with Increasing Amounts of Sea Salt?
Student(s): James Ficklin, '18

Dry Deposition of Mercury on Plants: Do Tree Leaves Possess the Ability to Collect More Mercury with Increasing Amounts of Sea Salt?
Student(s): Ashley Sibley, '17

Filter Feeding Responses in Lamellibranch Bivalves and Global Warming Conditions: Can it Be Detected by the Hemocytes?
Student(s): Ashley Sibley, 17

Mercury concentrations in the liver, kidney, and brain from bottlenose dolphins (Turnips truncates) stranded along the coast of Virginia
Student(s): Matt Cooke, '16

Mercury Concentrations in the Liver, Kidney, and Brain of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) Stranded Along the Coast of Virginia
Student(s): Sherie Coleman, '16

Mercury Deposition on Deciduous Versus Evergreen Tree Leaves
Student(s): Matt Cooke, '16

Mercury Deposition to Deciduous versus Evergreen Tree Leaves
Student(s): Rebecca Hyman, '16

The Effects of Vegetated Mats on Nutrient Levels of Stormwater Retention Ponds
Student(s): Hali Goad, '16


"To seek real knowledge of life amidst its perils": Jane's Search for Independence in Jane Eyre
Student(s): Tiffanie Marine, '16

Ecriture Feminine in Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar
Student(s): Alexis Moncus, '16

Foreign Languages and Literature

A Phallic or a Clock?
Student(s): Bayli Foley, '18

Student(s): Amanda Baxter, '17

The New World Exploitation Enriched the Old World
Student(s): Rebecca Davis, '18

The Societal Impacts of Chili Peppers throughout History
Student(s): Areli Ibarra, '16


Throwaway Society: Disposable Culture and Consumerism in America
Student(s): Laura Nebuchadnezzar, '16

Interdisciplinary Studies

I Scribe: For the Love of Language
Student(s): Leanne Causby, '16

Management, Business and Economics

The Keys to Social Entrepreneurial Success
Student(s): Allesha Peterson, '16

The Marlin Management Conference: An Intensive Practical Learning Experience for Developing Professionals
Student(s): Marisa Harris, '16

Value Stream Mapping Tools: An Analysis of Values Adding Applications
Student(s): Lena Nguyen, '16


Linear Diophantine Equations versus the Penny
Student(s): Laura Robusto, '16
Tyler Searcy, '16

Modeling Possible Retrofits to East Hall Using BeOpt
Student(s): Seth Antozzi, '17


A Distorted Image: Athletes and Eating Disorders
Student(s): Courtney Bogan, '16

An Exploratory Study of Drinking in Relation to Stress and Personality on a College Campus
Student(s): Cheyenne N. Kotary, '16

Body Confidence: How Do You Measure?
Student(s): Sierra Howard, '17

Effect of Perspective on Transportation into a Narrative World
Student(s): Riana D. Garcia, '16

Intimate Partner Violence in relation to Gender on a Liberal Arts Campus
Student(s): Katherine-Anne Christy, '16

Intimate Partner Violence in Relation to Gender on a Liberal Arts Campus
Student(s): Katherine-Anne Christy, '16

Perceived Respect of Professors in Relation to Burnout, Job Satisfaction, Academic Division and Gender
Student(s): Brooke Totzeck, '16

Perceived Respect of Professors in Relation to Burnout, Job Satisfaction, Academic Division, and Gender
Student(s): Brooke Totzeck, '16

Relationship between Word List Memorization and Familiar and Unfamiliar Music
Student(s): Taylor Doughtie, '16

The Relationship between Eating Behaviors, Body Satisfaction, and Masculinity and Femininity
Student(s): Christina Daigle, '16


The Positive Effects of Recreational Programming on At-Risk Youth
Student(s): Taylor McIntosh, '17

Treating Dementia in the 21st Century: The Role of Technology Use on Increasing Socialization and Improving Mental Health
Student(s): Tenley Scott, '16

Social Sciences

How Great the Influence?
Student(s): Catherine Schweitzer, '16


The Representation of People of Color in the West End
Student(s): Adrian Benn, '17

Women's and Gender Studies

Sexualization of Breast Cancer
Student(s): Darlene Flucker, '18