Our Mission


Founded in 1982 by Dr. David Clayton, Emeritus Professor of Music at VWU, the Wesleyan Sacred Music Institute at Virginia Wesleyan University has as its  mission to inspire, enlighten and prepare as it provides leadership in the language of faith expressed through music and the arts.


The Arts have long been the chosen vehicle for humankind’s expressions of faith, both as declaration and exploration.  Through hymn festivals, concerts, and chapel experiences with ‘worship as art,’ opportunities abound for students and the community to explore the role of the Arts in Religion within the context of a broad-based, robust liberal arts education.


In partnership with numerous academic disciplines, the Center’s annual lecture series, “Sound and Symbol,” offers students and the community an opportunity to create connections between their chosen field and the Arts through a deeper understanding of the cultural connections displayed in the diversity of the world’s faith traditions.


The CSM’s Church Music Certificate program and its annual Worship & Music Summer Conference are steeped in the Wesley tradition of training minds and warming hearts.   Both shape students, pastors, and practicing musicians through dynamic teaching and engaged worship as an avenue for continuing education and preparation for service.