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Transient, Non-Degree and Audit Students

Transient Students

Transient students are those who are currently enrolled at another institution and who want to take a class at Virginia Wesleyan University to be transferred to their home institution. The Transient/Visiting Student Application is primarily used in the Summer and Winter Sessions.

Non-Degree Students

Non-degree or unclassified students are those who are taking course work for credit but are not working toward a degree. A student who decides at a later date to change this status needs to reapply to the University as a degree-seeking student.

Audit Students

Audit students are those who take courses without record. Audit students may not change an audited course to credit status at a later date. Courses are open to auditors only on a space-available basis. There are several ways to audit a course:

Official Audit

For students who need documentation of auditing a particular course. The regular tuition rate is charged and documentation is noted on a transcript from the Virginia Wesleyan Registrar's Office.


For students who do not need documentation, but would enjoy taking a particular course on a non-credit basis. The tuition rate is $50 per credit hour.

Unofficial Audit

For enrolled degree-seeking Virginia Wesleyan students who need a refresher course in preparation for a subsequent course. There is no charge for this arrangement, which is done on a space-available basis, and no record is kept.

Senior Citizen Audit

For senior citizens (age 62 or above) who wish to audit a course on a space-available basis. The tuition rate for senior citizens is $50 per course.