Meet a Marlin, Ceci Billings

Ceci Billings, Class of 2019

Middleburg Academy, Herndon, VA
Major(s): Recreation and Leisure Studies (Therapy Track) and Psychology

Why did you choose Virginia Wesleyan?
I chose VWC because of the family like atmosphere and I enjoyed the people I met when I came on my basketball overnight trip.

What campus activities are you involved in or do you plan on being involved in?
I play basketball and tennis for the college and work as a Resident Assistant. Additionally, I am a member of majors club and naturalistas.

What is your favorite class or professor?
My favorite class that I have completed thus far is Radicalism, Terrorism and Violence in America with Dr. Margolies.

What advice would you give to students deciding which college to attend?
Find the school that is your perfect fit; don't rush your decision. Take all the time you need and all the visits you need. It's a big move and you don't want to end up in the wrong place because someone rushed you into a decision. See as many colleges as you can for comparisons.